Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Burda 09-2008 #104 (AND Wardrobe Update AND Burda Challenge for September)

Whew, this garment fits into a lot of categories. First, it’s the jacket for my wardrobe. Second, it’s the Burda Challenge for September. Third, I’ve wanted to make this jacket since 2008. How time flies! Squeeeeeeeeeeee, I love it!!!!!

Here’s the pattern again. I went without the knit sleeves and just added regular ones to this. I also didn’t topstitch because there are so many lines on this fabric already.


Here’s the fabric, a thick double-sided wool.


I really like it. I decided to go with just one side and alternate the stripes on the jacket. I really love the little peplum on the back (I really should have given the bottom a bit of a pressing after hemming it and before photographing this, yikes!). The “belt” starts in the back and attaches to the front with the same button that goes through the overlapping fabric layer.


Most of the coat is actually on the bias. The stripes on this coat are woven diagonally into the fabric. I used it on the straight grain under the arms and on the lower front piece. I really, really like how it turned out!



The bottom front pieces are actually not a half inch off like it shows here. For some reason, it looks like it in these photos. I need to get some inside detail photos for you too. It is unlined and wool. Yes, I know most people hate wool against their skin but I love it. I hate feeling cold lining on my skin. I’m an Alaskan, what can I say? I did use a knit fabric to finish the seam allowances on the inside. The shoulders, sleeves, fronts, and collar fit together really well on this pattern. That lower curved front piece had me worried but it was really no problem.   


I can also wear it open but I don’t love the look of that as much. The top collar sticks up and I think it looks a bit weird. 


I have my Jalie top done; just need photos.

My pants are super close to being done. They just need a hem on them. I’m going back and forth about the hem length. Hmmmmmm.

So cloooooooooooooooose!!!!! My hardest one is certainly done!

p.s. Some people asked about my boots in a different post. They are the Bethel Buckle Knee-High boot by Timberland. I bought them here. I love them too!


Meigan said...

This is one of those patterns that I would never have looked twice at. However, your version is awesome! Fantastic fabric choice and great job mixing up the direction of the stripes. Very cool jacket!

Nina Rolf said...

I really love this jacket, it looks so good on you!!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh! I love this! Great work!!!

Becky said...

I think this coat looks very cutting edge! I love it, and it is a great look for you. Congrats!

Elizabeth Halpern said...

This turned out great! What a cute pattern and I love how you used the stripes in the fabric. I like your boots, too. I have several pairs of Timberland boots myself. I'm rather addicted to boots and Timberland makes really nice ones!

Sewingelle said...


The Slapdash Sewist said...

This is fabulous! I was not sold by the line drawing, but made up it is such a great look. Jealous.

dinagideon said...

Well, I was going to leave a comment at Pattern review, but I am "forbidden," even though I am member. LOL. Oh, well, here's what I wanted to write over there!

That is a winner! Love how you executed this darling pattern.

And thanks to this review, I have the 09/2008 Burda issue on my very *long* Burda mag wishlist. LOL.

T. Sedai said...

This looks so awesome! You should totally make another one - it is a great look on you.

Joy said...

Wow, I love it! I was unsure about the ruffly peplum from the line drawing, but it looks great!

merche said...

The pattern of this jacket is great! I wish Burda designers were making more of an effort these days! Love how it turned out. You look GREAT!