Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mini-SWAP Draft Plan

So here is my plan for the mini-wardrobe contest. The rules say four garments and they have to form four different outfits. I’m thinking 1) pants+top, 2) dress, 3) dress+jacket, and 4) pants, top, jacket. I may even be able to do 5) top under dress. There isn’t much color included but there is a quite a bit of texture to all of these fabrics. The pants will be made out of the fabric I purchased yesterday.  The dress is the one I made this summer in the dreadful khaki color. This is a drapier fabric so I think it will work out better. The one problem is that this is going to fray like crazy so I’ll have to fuse most of the fabric and do a full lining. The jacket will be made out of this awesome double-sided wool. This isn’t the exact jacket I’m making but the Burda archives didn’t have the exact version. The one I’m making is a slight bit longer and has a few details like a belt and topstitching. I’m not sure if I will primarily use this light or dark side. I’m not sure how to best use it. There will be a lot of experimenting after I cut it out. The Jalie top is a favorite of mine. I may make this one a 3/4 length sleeve.

This is my draft plan. Things will change, they always do!


Andrea said...

Looks like a great plan, incorporates a dress like you wanted. The pants fabric and dress fabric are particularly lovely, all 4 are great choices.

Levone said...

Interesting plan, I love your pattern choices.

Kristy Chan said...

Best of luck with your SWAP. As soon as I commit a plan to paper I pretty much start sewing everything but the planned garments!

Carolyn Norman said...

I really like your plan. It should make an awesome wardrobe!