Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe Progress

I’m slowly working away on my mini-wardrobe. I have the Jalie knit top done. That’s an easy one. I am waiting for non-crap weather to take some photos. Here is my plan again for those interested.

I am working my way through this Burda dress. I worked out any fit issues back in July. I really liked the pattern but the fabric was not for me. Since then, I’ve been mulling over this idea to put black lace over the two inset panels. Not just lace and skin, mind you. I was thinking a patterned lace over the fashion fabric.


This morning, I had a *facepalm* moment when I realized I could embroider black lace-ish stuff on the panel. Uh, duh. So I worked on that a while today. I’m not sure if you’ll really be able to see the “lace” all that much so maybe I should have put real lace over the panels. We’ll see. Here is the front and back of one of the panels. I used random scribble embroidery from Urban Threads that I already owned. I love their stuff so much!


Here is the wrong side of the front. This is about as far as I got today. I should be able to finish the rest tomorrow. Maybe. Probably. This picture makes me think I should have put something high contrast on as the inset panels. Doesn’t it look kinda cool?


Remember the Jalie 3245 raglan tops as pajamas? Well, The Ladies wanted to pose under the pictures “just like Momma does.” Look at that kid on the left, she’s got her Sassy Pose ready already and she’s only seven! I love the lace sleeve but I wish they had more stretch. You can see that the shirts are not too big!


I’m hoping the weather is nice and I’ll take some photos of the Jalie knit top. I need to do a proper review and set up my mini-wardrobe review for the contest too. Are any of you people doing it too?? The pants fabric showed up today and so maybe I’ll trace those out tomorrow too. The wool coating showed up and I’m in love! I bought three yards so I can make a long coat with it.


Li said...

Hi Dawn, I was wondering what you use as stabilizer for the embroidery? I'm playing with the same idea but was going to use soluble badge master. Would love to hear more on how you hooped it too!

allison said...

wow.. very high fashion! love the look of the embroidery on the fabric, i like that it's a bit subtle. :-) wish my machine did embroidery!


Debbie Cook said...

Love the houndstooth in those colors. Since you like bling as much as your little ladies (love that Sassy Pose), maybe you could "highlight" the embroidery with some heat set studs or sparklies?? Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished dress. AND the shoes/boots you pair with it.

Re your comment on my blog ... don't worry about quantity of comments. lol ... I should probably comment here more myself, since I am a very regular reader. Love your sense of humor, your slight potty mouth (which I actually have too), and all your Alaska-centric stuff, including moose meat. Pfffft! :-)

Carolyn Norman said...

The inserts are going to be interesting. Can't wait to see how you finish this dress up!

Trinity Melissa said...

The embroidery over the houndstooth is a great idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out. It's going be fantastic with that Burda pattern. I think I'm going to buy and download that one -- I just love the way those front insets are done. And the black/brown houndstooth is a nice choice. I got some of's wool coating, too, though mine is the charcoal/pink/yellow, and I'm looking forward to making my daughter a new winter coat with it.

Janice McCombs said...

Wow! You nailed it with those embroidery panels. Love, love, love!

Janice McCombs said...

Ditto for me.