Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jalie 2911 + 3245 in Merino Wool



How freaking cozy is this tunic? I used Jalie’s 2911 upper bodice with Jalie’s 3245 bottom to make it. I’m loving the tunic length tops with leggings and boots look. I’ve made several tops like this lately. This is my favorite. This is made out of merino wool and the fabric is fan-FREAKING-tastic. Oh, obviously we have been getting some snow. I think we are getting about 12” today. I had to take my pictures outside because it is so dark. The sun is coming up at 10:06am and setting at 3:39pm so there isn’t a lot of light. I’m working with what I have, people.


Love the booty coverage.


Lightened and with flash although with all the snow you can’t see much.


The 2911 top is considerable shorter than this and a little boxier. I narrowed it through the waist and followed the 3245 pattern. The length and rounded hem are straight from Jalie 3245.


Here’s an inside picture. The color is pretty close here. It might be a tiny bit darker in real life. It’s a thin merino wool that drapes well and has some stretch to it. You can’t really see it well but there is a very subtle herringbone design to the knit.


Here’s the inside. It’s a sport material with two faces (you totally can’t trust it! Get it, it’s two-faced? My humor is lame, I know.). The outer face is 100% merino wool and the inside face is antimicrobial 100% polyester. I may have a few bolts in different colors for those of you who are interested. I’ll set up my ETSY store with some goodies right after Christmas. I have some delish wool doubleknit too. Divine, I tell you!


Here’s the inside of the knit. It’s had to photograph inside with low light.

Happy, happy holidays to you people! Things are busy here! Hardly any time for sewing!!


Melissa said...

That is really cute - looks super cozy for those cold, dark Alaskan winters.

Judith said...

Freaking cozy is an understatement ~ this is just to die for! Though, wrong season at the moment for me, unless it has a twin sleeveless version ... J

Deb G said...

Can't wait to see the fabric in your Etsy store. I'm retiring in January and will need to make myself some sport-casual things to wear. Living in the mountains of Pennsylvania and the snow we just had made me pine for some of this fabric!

Debbie Cook said...

Great combo of patterns! And def cozy! But if I had your booty, I wouldn't be wanting to cover it. Hahaha.

Also, really love hearing bits of Alaskiana (is that a word?) ... such as your mention of limited daylight hours. Wow ... so different from here in Florida. Seeing Alaska in person is on my bucket list ... so, hopefully one day.

Annsfashionstudio said...

Great combination of patterns. Love how it looks. Perfect fabric for this type of weather :)

Becky said...

Dawn, this is fabulous! I wondered why you used 2 patterns until you explained the difference in fit. It is a great look for you. I love the hat on you, too, it's so cute. Sorry, I know I sound squee, but I love everything about this tunic. Please send out a post when you open your etsy store. I definitely am interested in that fabric. What did you mean when you said you can't trust it? I hope you are having a great time during the holidays.

Da99516 said...

My jokes are lame. It's "two-faced fabric," like a bitchy friend. I changed my post to make my joke more understandable. It kills my husband that my son has the same dorky sense of humor that I do.

Becky said...

DUH, DOH! I feel really stupid, now. Sorry I didn't get the joke. Now that I understand it, I think it's pretty darn clever, Dawn.

Annette Untalasco said...

Love your top -- I frankenpattern all of the time to get either fit or style I want. I too am interested in your fabric. Will keep track of your blog to note when you start your etsy store

The Material Lady said...

I love that top! I really do need to try some of the Jalie patterns - every one you have shown has looked so appealing. Will you be willing to ship to the UK from your Etsy shop?

carmencitab said...

I want some of that fabric!

merche said...

I love the alterations you made to the top. It looks great and warm. And the fabric is gorgeous!

marysews said...

The top is great, but I LOVE the picture of you laughing! Just love it!

Karen Ishihara said...

I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your frankenpatterns... very insipring!

Helena said...

That totally looks like one of those adorable top/tunics from Athleta! I love it!