Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tis the Season

All three of my girlie-girls have gone crazy over my pencil case where I store my doodling stuff. As a Christmas gift, I made them each their own pouch, stocked it with fun pens, pencils, and markers, and found nice drawing pads. The drawing pad in the background shows off the famous Hokusai print. I bought the sketch books at Barnes and Noble for $5.99.



I will youngest daughter #3 the smaller purple notebook. She is really obsessed with writing out her name and her letters. Her notebook has lines in it. The other two girlies will get blank pages.


I used the same pattern as I used on my case. They turned out pretty cute I think. I love the quilting on them.


I love the embroidery too.


Here’s a size comparison for you guys. Mine is the big one. Notice that the fabric on the smaller ones looks a lot like gray wool? Notice some of it is topstitched? Hmmmm. I got my revenge on that stupid gray skirt, yes, I did. Mwaaaa haaaa haaa.


Here’s what I plan to put in the little pouches. Papermate should be sponsoring my buying habits.


I love these thick mechanical pencils. They are 1.3mm and are easy to use when I am doodling and sketching. The kids love them because they are really unbreakable.


I love these pens in general.


And these Inkjoy pens writes smooth and they come in vibrant, fun colors.


I think all the girls will love them. I’ll let you know.

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