Monday, December 23, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year 2014

This, people, is my color.



Once I found out that this was the color, I had to look for fabrics. These are all from (they are a sponsor of mine – if you click and buy, I get a cut!).

Sparkle Hatchi Knit Stripe PinkDesigner Sparkle Hatchi Knit Stripe Pink


Cotton Broadcloth LilacCotton Broadcloth Lilac

Slub Heathered Hatchi Knit PurpleSlub Heatherd Hatchi Knit Purple

Wool Herringbone Lavender/White
Wool Blend Coating Herringbone Lavender/White


Cotton Voile Paisley PurpleCotton Voile Paisley Purple

Silky Sweater Rib Knit RoseSilky Sweater Rib Knit Rose

Stretch Linen Pin Stripe Grape
Stretch Linen Pin Stripe Grape

Dupioni Iridescent Violet PurpleDupioni Silk Fabric Iridescent Violet Purple


Stretch Hatchi Knit FuchsiaStretch Hatchi Knit Fuchsia

Kimono Voile Paisley Dream FuschiaKimono Voile Paisley Dream Fuschia

Caprice Faux Silk PlumCaprice Faux Silk Plum

Amy Butler Blossoms Rayon ChallisAmy Butler Soul Blossoms Rayon Challis Sari Blooms Raspberry


Purple and gray is one of my weaknesses. Help me people. That wool herringbone in lavender is calling my name.


kathyh said...

I can see you in this color. Go for it. There will never be enough fabric in our stash.

Becky said...

OH NO! Not my color. I don't quite look like a dead fish is some of them, but in a lot of them, I look like I belong in a mortuary. I can see you in this color, and if you love it, then buy it while there is so much of it available that you can get exactly what you want. I like that herringbone, too!