Monday, March 17, 2014

Jalie 2446 and Jalie 3247–Swimsuit

I made a new swimsuit and I did my photo shoot on location. That’s my way of saying I didn’t have time to take photos of this swimsuit before I left. But, aren’t these more fun anyway? I used the bikini top from Jalie 2446. I think it’s a discontinued pattern now. I looked at and it doesn’t exist anymore. I used the bottoms from one of their new patterns, Jalie 3247. It’s not made for swimsuits, but it works great. I bought this swimsuit nylon at a fabric store in San Diego.


I don’t normally love a billion photos with different poses, but look at that scenery people. Look at it!


Again. I know, I know, you can barely see the swimsuit and this is a sewing blog. Whatever. Deal.


Here’s the back. I modified the bottoms so this is not what they would look like straight out of the envelope. I removed about an inch off the hem so they would be more swimsuit and less booty shorts. I also scooped the CF down about 2cm to make the front a little lower. The CB was lowered about 1cm. I love the coverage of them. I’m 40 people, I don’t need my ass hanging out everywhere.


Here’s the envelope from Jalie. I made view E with the waistband.


Needless to say, we had fun in Mexico.



Now, it’s back to the grind and back to work. Oh, and it snowed 22” a day or two before we got back. But, our awesome neighbor who watches the place snow blowed (blew?) our driveway. Bless that man.


I need to get in gear and make my March Burda Challenge item!!!


Sue Kenny said...

Great togs - the fit looks spot-on and the fabric is gorgeous. So is your holiday location!

Micki S said...

Oh, fun! Great swim suit, great fit, and you are so fit, too! Beautiful overall!

The Material Lady said...

Great swimsuit and wonderful view. You NEEDED to show us those photographs!

SewingSveta said...

Body! Your body is amazing! You work hard on it! Cool!

merche said...

Great swimsuit, I like the top very much...And you must be the fittest sewer EVER!

kristin at sunnysewing said...

Awesome backdrop for photos :)
Your suit looks great and you look amazing for 40!

Annette Bell said...

Love the suit. It looks great. It also looks like you can actually swim in it without a wardrobe malfunction.

Mrs. Smith said...

Well, if I looked like THAT... :-)

Very nice swimsuit!

a red ham said...

Your swimsuit looks great. I am so jealous of your body. You look fantastic. I am in lust with your abs.

Лариса Шавшина said...

Beautiful swimsuit, fits well! Fotо Beautiful! Come to visit me, "Sew - it's great," address

marysews said...

Great suit! You don't look 40.

Melissa said...

Very cool! you look awesome. But can you tell me why you preferred the 3247 shorts to the 2446 shorts, because they are superficially the same?

silvia jacinto said...

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