Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ottobre 01-2014 #20 Relaxed Fit Sweatpants

I love Ottobre magazines for their kids’ clothing. I love all the little touches and the cute details. I loved these pants in the magazine. I’m not loving them on my daughter. It may just be that I’ve been around too many kids with poopy diapers, but these look like a kid that has a full diaper. And ewww, that’s not my thing.


They are cute, I guess. I spent a load of time on them. There is a LOT of coverstitching-as-decoration on these.


See? All I can see are poopy diapers.


She likes them, and they are really comfortable. She can wear them at home, just not out. I won’t allow that madness. She loves the pink topstitching, and the multiple floral prints. I used a gray sweatshirt material, a floral rib knit, and a beefy cotton knit for the knee section.


See? Very cute. On the floor. I do love this way of doing pockets though.


I used the wrong side of my three-thread coverstitch for the pockets and the other decorative stitching.


Here I started using the two-thread coverstitch, because the three-thread coverstitch kept breaking one thread. It was annoying.


Here you can see the correct side on the inside of the pants, and the “wrong” side on the outside. These have elastic in the waistband and also velvet ribbon.


For these, I made a size 110 and it’s about perfect. The girl measures 109cm, so I’d say the sizing is pretty spot on!


kristincarroll said...

I don' love the shape of the pants either but you could do this same thing with a regular legging or sweat pant pattern. Now I am getting all sorts of ideas. I have a drawer that is filling up with scrapes of stretch fabric so I can make Vogue 8817. I am starting to sew knits for the grandkids so I will be a cumulating more scraps.

Miriana said...

I love that you've got any say in what your daughter wears. My five year old wears what she likes, and for tactical reasons I've decided to only object if it's weather inappropriate. And Ottobre are amazing - really good value.

Ines said...

HA,HA,HA.... You are too funny. I love them lots , and I don't see the poopy diaper thing but then again I don't have kids :) They are super cute.

Sofie M said...

Yeah it might look poopy nappy to you (and me) but at least she' kinda just out of that demographic... so bad when you see teens or adults wearing this style. I love your interpretation of them however. Can you just take the crotch in a bit - make them normal?

Texan said...

Super cute the way you used all the fabrics and the decorative stitching on them. I never had children so I didn't really see the poopy diaper thing ROFL, which by the way made me laugh hard out loud.. the front crotch is a bit long, but I agree with another person that commented, not a good look on teens and young adults that low slung crotch thing, but your tiny little girl is just cuteness in her nifty little sweat pants :O) said...

aww what, she cant wear this out of the house?! its the most adorable and fashionable jegging ive laid my eyes on!

coco said...

Just adorable. You really made these unique, just precious.

kathyh said...

I love that she loves what you sewed even if she has a full,droopy diaper thing going on. Kids are the best ever.

zozowahine said...

Oh these are ace! Thanks for leaving me the link so I could come and check them out. It's a shame that you can't shake the poopy nappy association because they really are a super special garment. I want a overstitch machine soooo much now! I'm definitely going to try this pattern for my daughter when she creeps into the sizing bracket for that pattern, I'll have to find a similar looking stitch on my regular sewing machine to get a similar effect. All the best xxx