Friday, February 20, 2015

Ottobre 01-2015 #23 - Kid’s Peplum Knit Top

Have you heard of Monster High dolls? They are like goth Barbie dolls. My girls love them and all the doll’s whore-ish clothing. I was recently gifted a bunch of fabric from Paula on PatternReview. When my girls saw this particular fabric there were squeals of excitement. I guess this fabric very closely matches one of the dresses from Draculora, or some goth-monster-doll. I try not to pay attention to the names of the dolls (or the dolls themselves- they creep me out).


I made the top in size 128 and folded out about a 1/2” in the CF and CB. They are long and lanky, these 8 year-olds. That’s about the right length everywhere and the right width too. And yes, they have no teeth right now. Together the twins have lost eight teeth in about four weeks.


See? Here’s The Doll with the matching dress. If my daughter was a Monster High doll, she would wear this shirt with thigh high leather boots and nothing else. Thank goodness that will never happen.


She loves it because it matches her doll, but also because it has the fun flouncy peplum on the bottom. You can already tell she’s got her momma’s swayback.


I rather like how it turned out. I see more of these in the future. I also see this lengthened into a dress and worn with cute tights and (age-appropriate) shoes.


I used a cotton ribbing from Chez Ami that I bought many years ago. I’m almost out of this color. I think I only have pink and brown left. They sell great rib knit in many colors.


Next up? I’m going to work on my March Burda Challenge dress. The one with the gathers over the bust. I’m leaving soon and March is going to go fast!!!

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Kristine Balinski said...

Super cute! I can't believe how big the girls have gotten over the course of our blogging friendship... time flies!