Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Burda Challenge - Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Matey!!

This was one of those Burda moments where I couldn’t find anything I loved in the magazine. I looked and looked and looked. I drank wine and looked. I asked my kids and we all looked. I asked my husband and we looked again. Nothing really called out to me. Most were a little weird, some were just fugly, and a few were okay. I chose one of the okay ones thinking I had the perfect fabric for it. Behold, Dawn the Pirate. ETA: I should have added this is Burda 04-2015 #112. I graded down to a size 34, my typical Burda size.

I should have known better. You see, I’ve tried shirts like this before. They never seem to work out.

Doesn’t see look cute in her top though?? Doesn’t she? I think it might be the 3/4 angle.

This top looks okay, even from the front.

Me though, not good. Kind of like a sack of potatoes. Granted, the sack is made of nice, border-print, snake-skinish fabric. Not even that can save it.

It does have cool arm vents though. Rad. Or not.

I tried it with a belt and without. The sleeves seem too short too. Not only does this thing have big arms and extra fabric, it has four, yes FOUR, large pleats sewn into the shoulders to make it even more voluminous. YAY!

Pulled down on the shoulders like the Burda model just makes it look like I’m a toddler trying to be sexy or something weird.

My camera doesn’t even like it.

I should have known here. This is the neckline before the elastic. This baby is 54” around at the neck. This baby is billowy to say the least.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, you win some, you lose some. I DO love this fabric though, so I may try to refashion it into something. I got it from FabricMart a while back. It’s a poly blend something. I really do like the colors.

I will need a palate cleanser after this one.


Mrs. Smith said...

I'm laughing WITH you! :) The last few months haven't moved me. Wah.

overflowingstash said...

That is indeed a difficult silhouette to wear, especially as it hides your fit physique. I think though maybe this border print doesn't help. It ends up emphasizing the wideness. You kinda want something that'll elongate to counter all that extra fabric, something that hangs in graceful vertical folds or has vertical line/visual effect.

Hope you'll be able to selvage this fun border prints though. Fitted silhouette always look good on you!

Siri Andersen said...

I think maybe the print is making things worse (however fabulous it is in it self!) The light color on top just broadens it, and making your silhouette "top-heavy". This top would give a totally different expression in a vertical stripe, for instance :)
Anyhoo, you look good as always, and I am sure you will rescue the fabric and make something great with it!

Begüm Şen said...

Actually, I love it on you, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! And I just decided to sew this one soon :)

AmericanGrammy said...

I think the top is cute on the model. Maybe some lighter fabric in a less busy print - or a solid. The sleeves definitely need to be longer. That fabric would be a cute skirt.

karen said...

You are hysterical. I like both the pattern and the fabric-just not together. I may try it in a lightweight drapery fabric.

kathyh said...

What everyone else said. I like the top only because you posed such great pictures.

purplebouquet said...

You are too funny. I don't think the top is that bad. Maybe try it with a sultry smile and see if that improves matters? Or give it the "closet treatment," you know--hang it in the darkest spot of your closet for a few days and then pull it out to re-assess. But I could see the fabric repurposed as a slim skirt and that might make everybody happier. Good luck.

sewsincere said...

At least you got a head start on your Halloween costume! Otherwise, in full agreement with your review.

Jojo said...

I agree this pattern needs a gauze like material, but The top might be saved by reducing the fullness of it.