Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jalie 3245 and THE BEST HUSBAND EVER. (again)

So I’ve made this raglan top multiple times since I bought this pattern. I’ve made it in adult sizes and many times in kid sizes too. It’s a great pattern. I hadn’t really ever looked much at the tank pattern. But, it’s another Jalie winner. I love the back on it.


Here’s some National City Swap Meet fabric. By now you know I love that place. Doesn’t this top go well with my Jalie jeans?? This is my standard Jalie size of S. No alterations. I made the shorter size for this red/black/white version.


I’m wearing a random Victoria’s Secret sports bra with this. I also have regular bras that have a little hook to make them racerback. I’ll wear that next time.


And look carefully here. Do you see what I see? What’s that? You see perfect triple coverstitches? Oh, goody, that’s what I see too!! More on this in a minute.


Here’s the longer tunic length with the same jeans.


This was a border print but there wasn’t much of it. I decided to use the border edge on the one side. I’m not sure if I love it.



Oh, do you see more perfect rows of coverstitching?!?!?! Usually on fabric like this, I have to prep it by either fusing it or adding the Sulky SOLVY Stabilizer to the hem to stabilize it. This just sewed right up. That’s because I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. I feel like I say that a lot, but it’s true.

You see perfect rows of coverstitching because my husband just bought me this:



I was using a Viking Huskylock 936 which is a combo serger/coverlocker. That was okay, but this machine is AMAZING! One of these days, I will do a overview of what exactly I have in my sewing room, because it has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. You can bet you’ll be seeing a lot knit garments for a while. Now to get a binder!!!! I’ve been poring over Debbie Cook’s information to figure out what to get and where to buy it.


rac rac said...

OOHHH! Lucky girl!!!! I was thinking to get the viking, but, can you talk a little bit more about your two machines? And you Burdastyle Challenge contributions?

Stacey Wilson said...

Now you need to do an in-depth post on how you get such perfect hems! Settings, alignment guide, etc

Becky said...

You have the second best husband ever, cause mine's the best, but maybe they tie. This is a wonderful present! But he knows you will put it to good use. Yes, let's hear about your machines, please!

Carolyn Norman said...

I really like the black and white top with the border print down the side! So cool!

Kathy Sews said...

He's a keeper!!!!!!! Congrats on the new coverstitcher!!!

kathyh said...

I'm glad you have a husband who knows what a cover stitch is!
I love mine.

Annette said...

Lovely tanks. And I am jealous of that cover stitch machine!!!

Kim Hood said...

I have that machine too but with the amount of knits that you sew for yourself and your kids you are going to love it!

coco said...

These tops are wonderful!

Jackie W. said...

Obviously you have a great husband too since mine got me that machine in the past for Christmas. Yes, it is a game changer for sure!

Paulinakoss Bruce said...

Congrats Dawn! Great addition to your sewing room! I have the 1000CP and love it! Cute tops! I only made one top from this Jalie pattern and wear it all the time.Now, you've convinced me to pull it out again and make the other views!

shehadmeinstitches said...

I just bought 3 Jalie patterns because of you, including the raglan! Congrats on the new machine. :)

kristin at sunnysewing said...

I really, really need to push myself to make this pattern! It's been on the "to do" list for some time now. Your shirts are awesome. I love the prints The boarder one looks great. and congrats on the new machine! I hope you love her :D

Da99516 said...

Fun! You will love them. What other two did you get??

Da99516 said...

It's SO easy and fast! And the fit is great.

shehadmeinstitches said...

The nursing tunic and the crisscross top. I am excited about them!