Thursday, May 14, 2015

Burda 05-2015 #101 Ruffle Coat Update

I figured you guys would want an update on The Coat. The tweed is beautiful, but not sturdy enough for all this detail. I went ahead and interfaced the entire thing. SO. MUCH. INTERFACING. Wow. I spent one whole night cutting, one whole night interfacing, and one whole night wrestling with the ruffle. It’s been slow, but fun, going.


I found the perfect silky print for the lining.


It turns out you do need the full 3 5/8 yards to make this coat. I had originally bought three yards when I first saw this coat. Now, I’m just waiting on the rest of the fabric to come from Mood. I have completed the lining (I did that first) and done the top of the coat. I still need to do a bunch of clipping, grading, and understitching on the collar. In this picture, things are not lined up where they should be.


Look at that collar. I can’t help thinking that this is going to be amazing, or clownish. I hope I find it amazing when I’m all done. It’s definitely going to be a statement piece.


You can tell here that it’s pulling in all kinds of crazy ways. I really need to clip, grade, and understitch. The weight of the immense collar is pulling the facing and lining out of the coat from the neck. I still need to figure out the shoulder pads.


I’m totally copying Burda’s coat. Hopefully mine turns out as well.


Camelia de Bruin said...

This looks great! How did you interface the collar ? Did you go for the organza or the fusible? Can`t wait to see it finished :)

Paulinakoss Bruce said...

It looks great already Dawn! It looks like something I will find at Anthropologie! Can't wait to see it!

kristin at sunnysewing said...

It looks great so far!

Allison C said...

Looking great, and yes it is a dead ringer for the Burda one. Tempted to make this one myself when winter comes round again....