Monday, May 25, 2015

Burda Challenge–Burda 05-2015 #101

First off, can I just say, “Phweeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.” This coat took a loooong time.

Big, deep breathe.

Okay, now then. This is my Burda Challenge item for May. I made the frilly ruffle coat (05-2015 #101) because I needed it. Like really, I needed it. It is my precious. No, for real, I’m not a ruffle girl at all. Ever. But I needed this coat when I saw it in Burda. And not just the pattern, the exact coat. I found this Mood fabric is this a match for the original coat. b_0515_101_6


It’s an off-white, pale blue tweed. I interfaced the whole thing. Let me say that again. The. Whole. Thing. That took forever. The tweed was nice, but I needed to be a bit beefier.


Not only is the ginormous collar gathered, but it is pleated along the back. There are six pleats that go across the back. This is what gives it such body.


This is probably more of an “up-do coat” since your hair and collar would be fighting all the time. I made my normal Burda size of 34. I added an inch to the bodice because I have a long torso. The waist seam hits me right where it should. This coat has in-seam pockets and they are large. I love them.


Look at that collar! It’s huge! It’s going to eat my face!!!!! 


I bought this silky lining at JoAnn’s. I think it’s really a great color for this coat.


I used five large sew-in snaps. Instead of hand-sewing them, I put them on by machine. My Necchi was juuuuust wide enough if I was very careful. I used Gutterman upholstery thread for these snaps and the understitching.


Looking back, I wish I would have made this in a rich turquoise. My skin usually looks better with dark jewel tones.


I know you can’t see it well, but there is a back V at center back at the bottom. I totally nailed the V.


Isn’t the tweed pretty? It reminds me of Easter.


Burda tells you to put the collar and coat together and then topstitch it. Don’t. I did that and it looked crappy. Instead, do the normal clipping, grading, and understitching that you would normally do.


Here’s the snaps from the right side. I think the starburst pattern looks cool.


Look at the collar. It’s about the stand up and walk away.


I added 1/2” shoulder pads to help support the weight of the collar and coat.


Frilly, ruffle sleeves.  Don’t you love them???


Do you love it???? I think I do!!! Which is good because it took me hours to make. Aren’t those the best things though?

I’m going to make some very not-hard things in the coming days. Phew.


Sofie M said...

Gorgeous! The fabric reminds me of the little hard easter eggs that were hard on the outside and chocolate on the inside. Yum... just like your coat. I love the snaps.

kathyh said...

This style is perfect for you.
I love the giant snaps.

fayedoll1 said...

That's a beautiful coat. I've the pattern number for future reference.

Sewingelle said...

It's terrific! I love the fabric and the style.

Chris @makeandwear said...

It looks fantastic. I've thought about making one, but I think the bulky collar would annoy me. The colourful lining finishes it perfectly :-)

merche said...

You look radiant in your new coat! I know what you mean about not being a ruffle girl...but sometimes it becomes a necessity!
It is beautifully done, congratulations!

Lisa said...

Beautiful job! It is a gorgeous coat.

Carmen Ross said...

Wow awesome job!

Cennetta Burwell said...

Dawn, Beautiful coat. Time well spent. I was thinking about making this coat for my daughter. Thank you for your review.

liesl said...

IT IS STUNNING! Worth the effort. And now we know why coats are always so expensive! Just a thought.... If you wanted it in turquoise, have you considered dying it? Or painting it with fabric paint? It might be worth a shot if you have any leftover tweed?

Cindy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the style, the ruffle, the fabric! Everything! And looks great on you!!

Tomasa said...

Beautiful coat. It's so cute on you. Gorgeous.

Allison C said...

Looks like a lot of work, but the result is well worth it, these are the kind of designs that got me hooked on Burda in the first place. Love the idea of using a machine to sew on all those snaps, looks so neat. Also, just curious, are your photos flipped around or do you prefer to have your coats wrap left over right?

kristin at sunnysewing said...

Wow! That is one beautiful coat! It looks like it would take a long time. Great job!

Birgit said...

I love your coat! I thought it was a great pattern when I saw it in Burda, and I'm glad someone made it and it looks THIS GOOD!

Qingwa said...

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