Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jalie 3247 - Swimsuit!

Tired of me yet? I’ve been posting like non-stop this week. Or, at least I feel like it. I had to just squeeze in one more thing before we leave tomorrow. Something for me!! I love making swimsuits. They are cheap, fast, and they FIT, unlike their retail cousins.


I made this using two of the pieces from the 3247 pattern. You’ve seen these bottoms before when I used them on this swimsuit. I cut them about the same. The top though, that’s different.


For the top, I used the gymnastics top View C. Originally, I made it just like the envelope except that I lowered the CF by about an inch. When I was done with it, it looked exactly like a sports bra. Hmmmm, not what I was looking for in a swimsuit. Then I tried to figure out what made it look so sports bra-ish. I decided that the 3/4” band on the bottom didn’t help and the straight-across-the boob-uniboob look wasn’t helping either. I pulled out the 3/4” elastic and put in 3/8” swimwear elastic instead. Then I created a gather just using a tube of self-fabric. So this is basically a sports bra that was altered to look like this. I really like how it turned out in the end.


I used this fabric before on one of my daughter’s suits. I really like the bias plaid and the color.


My favorite part of this top is the criss-cross back. I love that.


Because I gathered the top and pulled it down, I had to make the criss-cross straps in the back longer than I would normally. Luckily Jalie has you make them a little long in the beginning. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s turning tubes. Luckily, I only had to do it once.


I made view C (the black on upper left) and a shortened view E (the red and white shorts).


This baby is super hard to photograph on the ground.


I’m just glad that my miss turned into something I could change with minimal seam ripping. I really like it now. Here’s the little tube I turned and stitched together. The only downside is that it travels, so when I go to put it on, I have excessive fabric on one side and it’s all kinda wrong on the other side. It’s easy to fix though.


You won’t hear from me for a while. Keep sewing everyone!!! And do your Burda Challenges!!!


Kathy Sews said...

I love the criss cross back on the top! Great swimsuit!!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Turned out great! Jalie patterns always fit nice.

P E Hudson said...

This is brilliant - I love it -- Congratulations on a great result!

Kelli said...

Great save!! Looks fantastic. Have a wonderful trip!

pilar garcia torres said...

Really nice swimsuit, it is really nice. Congratulations!
Kind regards from Spain.

petitejosette said...

Awesome bathing suit! and great job on adapting the pattern into something more beach than gym :) on a side note, I wanted to tell you how much you've inspired me to exercise. I had a knee injury a few months ago and I was procrastinating on doing my physio exercises, but then I discovered your blog, and was inspired to get moving and get fit (as well as get the knee thing under control) ! Also with all the blogs out there showing the same indie patterns over and over (I have nothing against indie patterns, there are quite a few that I love), but it's refreshing to see your sewing projects. So thank you :)

Da99516 said...

Yay! I'm glad I still entertain (and inspire, cool!!) after all these years blogging. :) Keep it up!!!

Elizabeth Halpern said...

Great adaptation of this pattern as a swimsuit. Now I think I need this pattern as I also liked your long version of this top!

Qingwa said...

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