Thursday, June 25, 2015

We Have Returned . . .

Howdy! Just thought I’d share a few vacation photos. We got home a couple of days ago and the four hour time change is driving me bonkers. I keep waking up at 3am ready to start my day! We went to South Carolina and Texas. Luckily, we left the day before the shootings in Charleston. Ugh, horrible . . . Sometimes it’s horrible what people do to one another. We did thoroughly enjoy our time down there though. My dad has 80 acres, cows, a fishing pond, tractors, dogs, etc. It’s a kid’s paradise.


Her first bass with proud Grandpa looking on.


Sunbathing beauties and Handsome Man. (Jalie swim shirts!!)


This was there favorite thing to do by far. I think they are actually fish.


Isn’t it pretty here? Every morning we would fish in the pond. At night, we fed the fish. Now that I think about it, that seems a bit mean. It’s like we gave them afternoon treats if they allowed themselves to be caught (we released all of them!).


Not growing wild. These were at the Biltmore Mansion.


My kids wore the Jalie swim shirts all the time when we were in the water. I know for sure it saved The Boy from burning. He’s very pale.


On the sewing front: I have another Jalie pattern to show you. I have three pairs (that’s how much I love this pattern!!!!!!) of the Éléonore pull-on jeans to show you!!!! One is “normal” dark blue stretch denim and two pairs are crazy prints (my favorites!!!!). I have one cropped pair and two long pairs to show you!! I haven’t started by June Burda Challenge but I will get it done before July! *fingers crossed*


rac rac said...

What a great time you had!!! The kids look so happy! I live in Tennessee (one hour from beautiful Biltmore) and the gardens there are magnificent. I can't wait to see your June and July Burdastyle Challenge (I don't know what to do for july.....) This is my June entry, a little scientific coat lab from 2014 issue. Good you are back!

Ines said...

Hi, I always enjoy your posts so much, so I hope you know I am sending you some catch and release info just to help out. As it turns many fish will die after being released unless proper techniques aren't followed, for example simple human handling removes their protective slime and makes then vulnerable to fungus, also dangling them damages their jaws etc…so here is a link that teaches proper techniques to keep avoid hurting them fatally. Thanks, and I hope I don't sound too preachy or that I have offended you in any way.

tigerlounge said...

I think this is great information - it bothers me especially when I see people "catch and release" sharks and other large ocean fish, having fatigued them so badly that they will most likely die of shock and exhaustion. I'm guessing that Dawn and her family know all this info though -they seem very experienced with all things outdoors.