Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jalie 3243 - Shorts

I’m quickly trying to get ready for my trip down south. While it is warm in Alaska, I don’t need more than a couple of pairs of shorts for the whole summer. Hot in Anchorage is 70 or 75. Because I’ll be in the sweltering heat for two full weeks, I figured I’d better make a couple more pairs of shorts. I’ve used Jalie 3243 several times for kids pull-on pajama pants but thought I’d try out the shorts too.


And no surprise, I love them. They are made for wovens and I used a sweatshirt knit (you may recognize it from here) with very little stretch. They fit really well with not much bulk at the elastic waist. One of the great things about this pattern, is the waist facing is shaped to make it fit on the body; it’s not just a rectangle of fabric. I made my normal size for these. The recommendation for elastic was 24.5”. I used 26” on mine because I hate tight things around my waist.


Not too high, not too low.




Good butt coverage. Not too short and not too long.


Then I made them again. Do you ever get stuck in a color rut? For me, for a while, I was pretty much only making purple things. Now it seems I’m stuck in a print rut. These are crazy print and I’m not sure I love them. Actually I think I do love them, but shouldn’t. I used two different double knit fabrics for the main and pocket fabric. Maybe that was a no-no.


You may recognize this top here.


They may have been better with either perfectly matched pockets or no pockets. I think I’m stuck with the current pockets since they are sewn in. Oh well, like I said, I kinda secretly love them. Maybe with a different top though.


Hee hee, do you love them? OR hate them?


justine said...

These look fantastic! I love the two wild prints together. These shorts have a great fit, too. You have an amazing figure by the way!

kathyh said...

I love them. The smaller print at the pockets goes towards your widest part (hips) in a flattering way.

Ilze S said...

They look awesome and the girl wearing them is even more awesome! You should named Jalie's ambassador:)

Shirleanne said...

I love them! I definitely need to get this pattern. I've been looking for a basic shorts pattern. I have seen this one but I guess I needed to see it made up first!

Kim Hood said...

Love them. Plain shorts are boring.

Jos said...


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love them!!

kristin at sunnysewing said...

These look great! I've made this a few times for DD but now I should make some for myself!

Lillug said...

Call me crazy too, but I love them both! Maybe even the wild geometric a tiny bit more! WITH the top!! I love putting wild colours together - and they really all seem to go with each other. You just need the courage!!

Velosewer said...

They're both great. I can see you're really enjoying your sewing.
Jalie do great patterns.
I hope you enjoy your break.

Kelli said...

Actually, I totally love the different print combo. It makes it waaayyyyy more interesting. Well done!!!

Carolyn said...

i love 'em, but it drives me crazy that the pattern doesn't match up at the seam. that the two sides aren't mirror image, if you know what i mean. i'm rather compulsive in that way when i sew.

Sue Parrott said...

I think these are super fun for summer and I like them a lot!

Amy Carter said...

Love these shorts on you. I have this pattern, but never could get it to fit me quite right. Now I kind of want to go back and get them to fit. Love that they are cute, but they also look to be comfy and easy

Tasha said...

I love the floral ones the best. Nice job on the print matching on the b/w ones!