Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ottobre 05-2015 #1 “Twig” Knit Dress

These Ottobre names crack me up sometimes. Maybe they just don’t translate well? Anyway, odd name, cute dress.


This is a very simple knit dress with v-neck and interesting bound pockets. The fabric is a double knit ponte from Fabric Mart. It’s black with light purple polka dots. I used a green knit binding for the pockets and the neckband. I think it turned out rather cute. 


The fit is loose and comfortable. I’ll wear this with tights and boots to work. It’s a tad on the short side. I added my standard 1” above the bust for my long torso too. On my next version, I may actually add an inch to the length.


I made a size 34, their smallest size. I mostly fit in that size range when you measure everything out. After the dress was done, I ended up taking a good two inches out of the back. My waist measurement is a couple inches less than their size 34.


I swear it’s going to snow today. It just smells like it. My camera was being weird today. The lighting wasn’t all that great.


The pockets are my favorite part. I love how Ottobre releases a collection with similar elements. This pocket detail is also on another dress (#5 and #20) and also on the sleeveless sweatshirt (#16).



Since I don’t have a binder attachment, I sewed the binding on RST at 3/8”, flipped it to the inside and stitched in the ditch from the right side. You can barely see my stitches here.


See? You can tell it’s a little short here.


Overall, another Ottobre win. I still need to do my Burda Challenge for September! I also just received a bunch of zippers from ZipperStop. I’m going to make a few Jalie 2795 hoodies. It’s getting chilly here and I need some cozy clothes!!!


Barbara said...

Cute dress, Dawn. Thanks for mixing in some Ottobres in with your usual Burda. It's easier for me (in Kansas) to get hold of Ottobre magazine than it is to get Burda. I've yet to sew from one but your cute dress is all the encouragement I need.

kathy said...

Love this dress - looks great on you.

Nursebennett said...

I subscribed to Ottobre, in part due to the lovely things you've shown from their magazine. I received a children's issue last week and hope to trace my first pattern tomorrow. Stepping out of my comfort zone! I love your dress! Comfortable, cozy and the pockets are a great feature.

Anonymous said...

Great dress, and I really like the pocket detail. I bought the binder attachment for my Coverstitch machine and very rarely use it. I find it very time consuming compared to other methods which are generally just as good.

Jos van KloskaCreAtief! said...

Love your dress! Made the same one, but put in some elastic under the buste, because it's a little big.

Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

This is a great little pattern!! Love the polka dots.

Unknown said...

Love this dress, but I'm REALLY loving those kick a** boots!

Sue Parrott said...

Your dress is darling Dawn! I have that issue from Ottobre as well and laughed at the name, twig? It works! I love your dress!

Ayselce örgüler said...

great hands too great thorn bravo...

Sewing Sveta said...

I need this issue of Ottobre!^) Lovely dress