Monday, September 14, 2015

August Burda Challenge (SO LATE! I KNOW!!)

So I’m super late for my Burda Challenge. I know! I’m the leader, the rally-er, the damn html button-maker! Ugh, well, anyway, two weeks ago today, I was rear-ended by someone going 40-50 mph while I was stopped with my blinker on waiting to cross traffic. She never even touched the brakes. I was the third car in line and I got hit and then hit the car in front of me. My car was so mashed up I couldn’t get my door open to get out. It was a Dawn sandwich and not in a good way. Ugh. Well, anyway, I’m lucky to walk away. No one was injured in this accident (can you say TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!). I did my first session of PT today and traction feels soooooo good. The machine is scary but wow. Since the accident, I’ve had some tingling and numbness in my right arm and hand and a lot of tightness and stiffness in my upper back and neck. Like I said, I’m lucky to walk away. The woman that hit me (in her brand new 2015 Mercedes)?? Oh, she flew out of the car screaming that the three of us “slammed on our brakes” and she “didn’t have time to stop.” Bitch, please. There were three of us stopped, waiting to cross traffic. Anyway, that’s why the long radio silence and the much-belated Burda Challenge. My car is totaled but I walked away and thankfully there were no kids in the car. Shake it off, right?


This dress looks better in person. And wow, I did a crappy job ironing it! The hem doesn’t look nearly this bad in real life. The dress is a tall sizes pattern. The smallest size was the 72 so I graded down to the 68. Tall dresses fit me well in the torso. I’m a tall woman trapped in an average-woman’s-height-body.


I may still peg the hem a little bit.






The one thing I have noticed quite a bit with the tall patterns is that the armhole seems larger or lower. I may have to go in and see if I can retro-actively make the armhole higher.




Look at all these corners. In a knit!


The back. They recommend a zipper. I left it off. There is some shaping in the pieces though so I didn’t just cut it on the fold.


The inside is not beautiful with all the interfacing. You need it for all the corners!


This uses a facing. I tacked it down on all the seams. You can see below what I did.


Isn’t this fabric lush? It’s wicking merino wool. I may put some on Etsy for you guys. Or I might not. Mwaaa haaaa haaaaa. We’ll see if traction makes me feel nice. *evil grin*


I’m in the Fabric Mart contest right now and I DID submit my entry for the first challenge. That was a load off my mind. It’s due tomorrow evening . . . More on that later. Remember my pirate shirt? It’s dead now.


And holy cow, the PatternReview contest is crazy hard this year!! A fitted shirt and THEN a fabric manipulation challenge??!?! They are hard core!


Rose said...

My goodness! The sounds terrible. I'm glad that you were not seriously injured (i.e. that you are walking away from it). The dress looks great!

Rose in SV

Texan said...

I like the style of the dress, its flattering on your for sure. Grrrrrrrr people texting while driving, don't even get me started. Glad you were not seriously injured.

Texan said...

oops you not your

Doctor T Designs said...

So glad you went seriously hurt in the accident! And your dress is really nice - all the seams look so precise. The color looks great on you too.

katherine h said...

Wishing you a full recovery. xx

Debbie Cook said...

Great pop of color for a winter dress. I'm imagining it against a snowy backdrop. Yeah, imaging snow while it's still 90+ degrees here. Hah.

So glad you weren't hurt. I saw the pic on IG. And that you had just bought your vehicle? Urgh. Hopefully that beeyotch has good insurance.

Debbie Cook said...

*imagINING. Yeah, I can spell.

Kristin at said...

Oh my gosh Dawn!! That is terrible :( I'm so glad you are ok, and that your kiddos were not with you. Good luck with the PT and I wish you a speedy recovery.

The dress looks great and I love all that seaming. I can't wait to see what you did with the first challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are well and your healthy lifestyle probably prevented you from getting further injured. The dress looks great! Wicking merino? Whuh? That sounds awesome. Please reveal your sources! Karenn

seworange said...

Orange merino wool please?????

Ines said...

Geez! So glad you are okay! I hope they start treating driving while texting like a DUI, it's just as dangerous! Well thankfully you are all well and you managed to make s beautiful dress. The fabric is luscious as you say! And a fantastic color on you!

Sue Parrott said...

Wow, glad to hear you are okay! I really love your dress! It is so very pretty and that fabric is the bomb!

kathy said...

Fab dress and glad you are able to get back into the sewing game after the witch hit you.

June said...

So sorry about the accident, that's sounds awful. Glad no one was hurt, but sheesh, such an avoidable thing. Take good care of yourself!

Saki said...

Hello, I'm a long time reader delurking (excuse my english, I'm french). I'm really glad that this accident wasn't worse, and that your kids were not in the car. Dangerous drivers who dare find bad excuses for their behaviour make me so mad...
This dress is amazing on you. When I first saw this pattern I didn't realize how nice it could be. Great job!

Sew-To-Fit by AD Lynn said...

Love the orange.

Cynthia said...

Love your blog and your orange dress. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you recover quickly and completely!

Ayselce örgüler said...

so stylish and beautiful color, I love your