Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ottobre - 5-2008 #18 - Cowl-neck Top

I’ve been really crushing on Ottobre lately. Up until recently, I only had a couple of older magazines from 05/2008 and 05/2009. A few days ago, I received 05/2015 and 05/2014. I seem to like that Fall/Winter catalog. I’m not sure if I just burned out on Burda or what is going on. I decided that I will not renew my Burda subscription and get an Ottobre one instead. Gasp! I know! I find that I just seem to make one thing out of the Burda magazines lately and it’s only because of the Burda Challenge. But anyway, I’m taking a little break.


Which leads me to Ottobre. I really like some of their clothes lately. This top is from the 05/2008 magazine. Yes, I’ve had it a really long time, but I’m just now starting to love their clothing. Weird, I know. I’m still trying to figure out my sizing with them. This top is the 36 and I think it’s too big. I fall squarely between their 34 and 36. When I tried Ottobre a long time ago, it seemed like the 34 was too small. Maybe now that I know my fitting issues a bit better, it will be easier to wear their patterns. I decided to make this lovely tunic out of a sweater knit. I love the cozy shape and the tunic length.



These are iPhone photos in the back yard so they aren’t all that great. You can see the shoulders and arms are big. The pleats should be further in toward the middle of my body.
FullSizeRender (2)


I really like it as a tunic over skinny jeans. I really like how the cowl lays and covers that pesky neck seam.
FullSizeRender (1)


The collar is made with a french seam because you see both sides of the fabric.


Photo bombed by my chickens! Chickens that AREN’T laying eggs yet. They are five and half months old. They should start laying ANY. FREAKING. DAY.
FullSizeRender (3)


Overall, I really like the top. Next time I will make the size 34 and add my typical 1” above the bust. I do this pretty much with all patterns. I didn’t do it here because 1) I wanted to see the fit “out of the envelope”, and 2) I didn’t think it would matter much with the loose fit of this. Some of us at are thinking of starting an official Ottobre Sew-a-Long. I’ll post here if there are more details fleshed out.


Nursebennett said...

Due to so many blogger singing the praises of Ottobre, I, who have NEVER used a pattern from a magazine at all, just up and subscribed to Ottobre (4 children's editions, 2 women's editions and a free edition). My first magazine came today and I love SO MANY of the designs for the children! I've a 5 year-old that I see several items I want to make for him at first glance and also several items I'd like to make my great niece and great nephew. Can't wait to get the women's edition now! I may regret it,when tracing time comes, but I do have a small light table.

Coco said...

Oh, so pretty and love the color on you! I've been thinking about getting the women's issues of Ottobre as well. Some cute stuff.

patsijean said...

I like the top but you are correct, it is just a tad too large. Funny how just an inch or so can make such a difference. Your chickens are pretty, and look quite happy.

Summer Flies said...

That colour just looks smashing on you. I really love the Ottobre patterns and have some in line for our summer. I think you'll enjoy it and their pattern sheets are still legible. I'm not 100% but I think chickens don't lay in the winter... don't do what my Mum does when they stop laying and .... I don't think I'll say here.. you get the picture... we call her the village chick.

kathy said...

I've seen a few things made from this issue and yours is a reminder to either buy this issue or renew my subscription.
The chickens are having too much fun to sit down and work.

Anonymous said...

Don't chickens have to have a fully realized romantic life to lay eggs? I seem to remember roosters on visits to farms? Or perhaps you have one not in the picture?

Lovely tunic, anxious to see the smaller size; while this looks big I like where the shoulder pleats are.


Texan said...

Very cute top!

sdBev said...

I love the styling of Burda patterns and droll over the contents of every issue. But I sew Ottobre. Their atyles fit my life. The Otto draft is consistent i.e. I make the same exact changes to every new style. Welcome to the Otto Club.