Friday, February 19, 2016

Jalie 2806 and Jalie 3462

First off, what? Dawn gets a haircut? Yes, Dawn does. The deciding moment was when my hair went down my back and came out under my armpit. I glanced down and saw all this hair coming from who-knows-where, had the accompanying “where the hell is that coming from”, immediately followed by panic when I couldn’t move my head because my hair was trapped under my arm. That’s when I was like, “this madness has got to stop.” I made an appointment and two weeks later my hair was eight inches shorter. I really like it. It give me oodles more volume, is so much easier to take care of, and it lets my natural wavy hair come out and play. Back to the regular program where we talk about clothes I sew . . .

You have seen Jalie 2806 on my twin-things and I swore to you then I would be making it for myself. Her’s my first version of it. I will be making more and have a few more cut out and waiting to go.


I really like the length and the tighter hem band at the bottom.


I think the length is super great with skinny jeans and leggings.


I LOVE the drapey front. This is such a cute, easy detail that really changes it from your basic t-shirt to a cute top. I’m not sure why it took me so many years to buy this pattern. But, can you say Jack o’ lantern boob eyes? My husband and two friends said it’s not the first thing they see, but it’s what I see. Tell me the truth, do you gaze at my boobs and think Halloween pumpkins?


Next up, Jalie 3462, the Cora tights. I made these with stretch vinyl front panels to be a little racy. I don’t plan on ever running in these.


Obviously very lightened. I had to do these pictures inside at night so there was no natural light. Not that you would see any detail anyway with black and black.


The back seaming on this pattern is amazing if you haven’t seen them already.


More crappy, lightened photos. Sorry. If I don’t lighten them, they are just really black. I plan to wear these with chucky boots (or booties) and a long cardigan.


Life has been hectic lately but we are chugging along!

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