Friday, July 1, 2016

Help with alterations . . .

Okay. I made these Ottobre pants back in January. I have never really loved the fit in the crotch. They are super baggy in the front crotch and tight in the butt. Little miss thang is needing a larger size, but I want to make them fit better this time.


Here’s what I’m thinking. The front crotch rise is way too long and the back is too short. I’m pretty good at fitting my body type, but this is not my body type and I have no idea what to do.


I’m pretty sure she also needs a larger size plus some extra room in the rear.


Here is the crux of the problem, the pants are being pushed down in the front so she doesn’t need as much room in the front rise.


This is not the actual Ottobre pattern, just a generic one-piece legging pattern.


Does this look like what I want to do? Slice the CB and add an extra bit of room and slice the CF and take out some of the extra room that is there?


I’m MUCH better drawing on paper, but this is how it would change the pattern piece. Help me, oh gurus of crotch sewing! Am I on the right track??

And my Capsule Wardrobe is coming along smashingly. I have just two pieces left to finish. I will let you see them all when I’m done, but it you want a sneaky peaky, you can look at the "Sewing With Jalie” Facebook page. I put some garment photos on there and I can say I’m LOVING THEM ALL.

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