Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jalie 2805 Hack - T-shirt to Dress

Jalie 2805 is just a t-shirt pattern. A boring ol’ knit top pattern that can be the base for so many things. So. Many. Things. I just adore this pattern. I’ve used it as a “boring ol’ knit top” too because it fits well every time and there are four different necklines and four different sleeve options. Anyway, I’ve really been on this graphic black-and-white kick for a while now and I had this fun knit, and I wanted something fun and easy. And zebra dress was born! Here I’m wearing it with my red leather Burda Obi belt from 2009!!
FullSizeRender (94)


I love, love, love this belt from the back.
FullSizeRender (95)


You can see the bodice in the front is a little too high. When I wear a thin belt, the belt hangs on my natural waist which is about an inch lower than the seam.
FullSizeRender (92)


The back is about exactly where my natural waist is.
FullSizeRender (93)


You can see even with this tick, chunky belt that it is below the seam. I hate that! I do love these shoes though.
FullSizeRender (90)
FullSizeRender (91)


Instead of using a t-shirt type neckline, I folded it under and stitched. I wanted the neck a bit more open.
FullSizeRender (97)


And what the heck kind of fabric is this stuff? It’s kind of crinkly on the top layer and smooth underneath. It has lots of horizontal stretch and a little vertical stretch. I assume it’s a double knit because of the two distict layers (one crinkly and one flat). I’m sure it is mostly polyester. I bought this at the National City Swap Meet. It was $2.00/yard and I really like it, I just don’t know what to call it.
FullSizeRender (98)

Quick Directions for making your own:

  1. I used Jalie 2805 and estimated where I thought my waist would be (note to myself: add an inch to this, you do-do!). On this pattern, the waist seems to be where the side seam notches are. Remember to add a seam allowance to this new “cut line”. When I sewed the top, I made extra wide seam allowances at the waist so it would be more fitted.
  2. I then went to the Circle Skirt App by By Hand and typed in my measurements. I used the Quarter skirt. For my waist measurement, I used the circumference of my t-shirt bodice. I originally wanted a half circle skirt, by didn’t have enough fabric. Oh, and this is the “mini” length so you can see it isn’t that mini.
  3. Sew up your skirt, attach it to your bodice and do all the hems. Voila, new fun dress!

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