Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jalie 3675–Bomber Jacket

DO YOU LOVE IT??!?!?! This is the bit of spring I need right now. I’m in love with this jacket. I used a scuba fabric for the main body. For the life of me, I can not remember where I bought this even though it was only a month or two ago. It is a place I’ve heard of and seen online a billion times and I finally bit the bullet and bought. Please, someone tell me, where did I buy this??? The sleeves are a knit wool that is cozy, cozy, cozy. The striped fabric is a ponte knit with quite a bit of stretch. It worked perfect for the stretchy bands.


I used a light pink metal zipper. I pulled the teeth off with dikes. That is what my husband says they are called. They aren’t needle-nose pliers, they are more cutters than pullers. They have a short stubby snout instead of a pointy one. 


The pockets are made out of the same fabulous wool.


Yes, I’m wearing a metallic leopard t-shirt under my floral bomber. Hahahahahaha.


I love that the zipper matches the pink in the flowers.



If you aren’t a member of the Jalie Facebook page, you missed out on my plan I posted a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking of making this and this bomber jacket is the first part of the plan. I’m working on the Isabelle leggings next.


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