Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mission Completed

So, remember my plan? I love the planning stage of things and then I *cough don’t follow through just because I made a plan and want to be a rebel. I often fall into that weird cycle. Well, this time I kicked the cycle’s ass. This was my inspiration:


And this is what I ended up doing!! Go, ME! This is literally me looking at the inspiration photo and trying to copy the pose.


So, first off, I made the bomber jacket and I freaking love it. I already wrote a whole post on just the jacket so I’m not going to gush any more in this post. The two other pieces I made are also Jalie patterns. This first one is a modified Jalie 3245. I have made the tank in both lengths before so I already knew the fit was nice. All I did was take the shorter length at the CF and blend it with the side seams of the longer version. Voila! Super easy and I really like the hi-low hem on this.


Next up, the new Jalie pattern 3674 Isabelle tights/leggings. I added a nylon/lycra swim fabric to the contrast panel. I wanted something fun on these pants but I didn’t want it to be too distracting if my purple hi-low hem popped up. I know you can’t see much in black, so I really lightened it up. You still can’t see much.


Overall, I’m rally happy with the finished product. I could have done a white t-shirt but I know I just wouldn’t wear it as much. I just don’t wear white. Like, ever.


I’m not sure what’s in the wroks for me yet. I enjoyed getting the inspiration photo and copying it. I really, really, really love each of the items as separates too. Overall, WIN!

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