Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ottobre 04-2017 #24 - Sweatshirt Tunic

My twins love a good cozy tunic. I decided that this one would be perfect for them with the long length, the round pocket, and the long sleeves. I made this in a size 140. This fabric doesn't have much stretch so I decided to size up.

This is a JoAnn's sweat shirting fabric. I bought it last year in the fall.  I actually have it in several colors and prints. I did try the circle piece. I was able to make the circle piece and I bound the two pockets. However, when I tried to attach it to the sweat shirt, it stretched out horribly and made the front panel all puckery. I should have added interfacing to the edges of the circle. So, I re-cut the front panel and added a little bling so it wouldn't be so boring.

When the "cozy twin" saw it, there was a squeal and she scampered off with it. I haven't seen it since then so I think it was a win? Hopefully so . . .

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