Friday, October 13, 2017

Sew Over It - Heather Dress

This is the Heather Dress from Sew Over it. I’ve made it before and find that I reach for that dress quite a bit in the winter. I love easy, cozy, knit dresses especially when they are made of a wool knit. I decided I needed a bit of flower bomb in my life especially now that the light is going away. The floral fabric is a scuba knit and the grey is a Merino wool knit. This is my first time making this in two colors and I’m not sure I love it. On one hand, it reminds me of a weird 1980’s overall jumper skirt. On the other hand, I think it emphasizes my pear shape. But, overall, I’m okay with those two things. Who can’t love this fabric?


Plus, there are these giant pockets so how can you go wrong? Even if it does accentuate your hips . . .

Last time I made this, the sleeves were way too small at the wrist and forearm. I sliced the pattern from wrist to shoulder and added 3/4” at the wrist and tapered up to nothing at the shoulder. These sleeves are really narrow.

When I make this next time, I’ll add a small swayback adjustment to the back. You can see there is some pooling above the butt.  Next up? Something from Ottobre for a kiddo!

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