Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jalie 3668–Valerie Raglan Top

Problem: Winter is coming not just in King’s Landing, but also in Alaska. My phone is bigger this year and when I put my phone in my butt pocket of my running tights, my tights start to fall down. No one wants to see that!

Solution: Time to whip up a top with a pocket for a cell phone. I would put my phone in a jacket pocket, but it gets too cold and stops working. At 10 degrees Farenheit, my phone will stay alive for approximately eight minutes. My phone needs to be in a warm place against skin. And not in my sports bra because then my phone gets sweaty. I know, gross, sorry.

I used the Jalie Valerie Raglan and used the front zipper option. I added knit piping to the side panel and a zippered pocket to the arm.


I made the knit piping way too wide and it kind of sticks out funny. I may zig-zag the edges down so they don’t stick out strangely.

When I made this, I was like, “Dude, that’s a great zipper!”

Then I was like, “Sweet! my phone fits perfectly.”

But then I was like, “It’s not so easy to bend my elbow. Well crap, it’s WAY TOO LOW. Dammit” Arg. So I nailed the pocket, and the zipper, but not the height.

But if I pull it up a bit, it works fine and I can bend my elbow.

For this raglan running top, I used a super plush wicking, Merino wool with Lycra. The “piping” is a swimsuit knit.

I have run in this top and it’s super comfortable and the pocket functions exactly like it should (as long as you have the sleeve pulled up!). Next time, I’ll start the pocket much higher on the raglan arm. I totally just eyeballed it this time. Next time I’ll measure (ewwww, what??!) and make sure it’ll work.

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