Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You were right! Green is The One!

You guys were totally right. This is a fun green coat. I was skeptical about the color against my skin, but I think it's okay especially since I'll probably be wearing a big chunky scarf much of the winter. The coat was very fast to construct since it had just a few pieces. There were no closures to futz with so finishing it up was really fast.

Even without the scarf, I don't think it looks too dressing gown-ish. Because it has a very relaxed silhouette, there were not many fitting issues. I did add my extra inch between neck and bust (without disturbing the armholes) and did a small swayback adjustment. I did make a muslin of this before I even got my wool

The inside closes with ties, shown here.

Isn't the lining like a Monet? I found this silky fabric at JoAnn's. It's just beautiful!

Of course, little Miss Thing had to come and check it out.

This is not a fully bagged lining. The wool hem and lining hem are not connected. The wool hem is hand stitched up under the lining.

The wool is great to work with. It's plush, thick, and fabulous. I put both of the wools in the washer and dryer on the Wool/Hand Wash setting and they both came out looking fine. I always do that to pre-shrink my wools. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me make up my mind with the green. I think you guys were definitely right! At work, I've already gotten a load of compliments. This was a fun and satisfying project to make up. 

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