Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ottobre Knit Top - 03/2017 #38

I knew when I first saw this in the Spring Ottobre that I would make it. It's nothing crazy, it's just a t-shirt with a hood. But this is why I think Ottobre is fun. The hood is interesting and the trim application is something new. I love those little details. I figure they can wear this with a tighter t-shirt underneath. You could totally do this with a regular t-shirt pattern.

I used a cotton knit for the front and hood and a Merino wool knit for the sleeves and back. I used orange FOE for the hood trim.

First you use FOE to bind the hood and then you use a contrasting strip to hide where the FOE comes together. I think it's a cute detail.

I nailed the FOE application by using my center guide foot. I used this dotted orange as a fun accent. I also like it because it has the gold dots like the main fabric does.

The back is a purple Merino wool. I think it will nice and warm as a cover-up. All of this fabric was in my scrap bin. I love using up scraps!  

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