Monday, May 14, 2018

Ottobre 03-2018 #34 Off The Shoulder Top

I recently bought an off-the-shoulder top for one of my twins. She liked it so much, that I decided to make another out of the (*cough, cough) copious amounts of fabric I have. I bought a very pretty rayon challis a while ago and it was begging to be turned into a girls' top or dress. In diameter, they measure exactly on the size 134 even though they are 11 years old. They are long and lean, these two. I ended up making the size 140 but lengthening it to the 152 length which was about two inches. Thank goodness for that since she needed the extra length. It's a simple top with elastic at the bottom of the arms and elastic around the arms and across the bodice and back. The shoulder ties keep it up on the shoulders.

I made the bodice/back/upper arm elastic a little smaller than they recommended and I probably shouldn't have done that. It's snug and makes the top want to ride up a bit. It's not too bad. We'll see if she gets annoyed. The directions called for making a casing and then sliding the elastic into the casing and then connecting it. Instead, I attached the elastic like I usually do to a knit and serged it onto the raw edge, folded it over and zig-zagged it. It's great except it's not easy to modify the elastic is needed. Dang it. I like the cute little shoulder ties. 

This time of year is always SO BUSY. I'm hoping in the next few weeks I'll be able to actually sew. I am going to PR Weekend and I'd like to make some special stuff but I don't know if I'll have any time!!! 

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