Thursday, May 31, 2018

14 New Jalies!

You guys probably already saw, but Jalie just released 14 new patterns. I thought I would highlight my favorites for you (because I'm not a Jalie fangirl or anything . . .).

I always love their swimsuits for my girls. They are like me and are thin with long torsos so off-the-rack swimsuit don't fit them well. This pattern has the cutest wrap-around tie.

I also love this Mimosa pattern. It's a great basic with a ton of different options. I have one with the short-sleeved ties (I helped to test these patterns). 

I love this Adele top too. I want to make this in skirt length. And my girls with want 35 of these. 

I freaking love this pattern. I have made many of these already and the top and bottoms are SO COMFORTABLE! I love the shelf bra/camisole combination. I love that I can use up all my small knit scraps on the panties. 

I love the men's patterns this time. I will make a bunch of these for my son as pajamas and long underwear. 

Again, I love that this pattern is just for men. I will make tons of these for my son and husband. 

And how freaking cute is this top? I love it in the shoulder ruffle version and also the no ruffle, neck-tie version. 

What are your favorites? Do you have a top one or two that you love??

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