Friday, May 25, 2018

Mini-Capsule Wardrobe for PR Weekend

I love to make Capsule Wardrobes, especially for travel. This time, though, I am cutting it pretty close with other commitments, the end of school, and life. I'm still not done, as of today, but I'm hoping that I'll get my last top done tomorrow. I'm posting it on here, unfinished, because I want to be able to show you these pieces before I have to leave. I get on the plane Sunday night. Yikes!

Here was the plan:

These are cropped Vanessa pants and they are like the best, secret pajamas, EVER. They are a denim blue Tencel. They look a bit like denim but they are flowy and soft. 

These are the Jalie 3243 pull-on pants in a brown linen. I'm not sure how great these will be in a travel wardrobe since they will wrinkle like a bitch.  

This is Jalie 3130 and it's my favorite button-up top. I especially love this version. The fabric is soft, like a flannel, and it's a dream to sew. 

Isn't it cute with the Rova dress?

Then there is this Jalie sweatshirt #3355. By the way, when I started this wardrobe, I didn't set out to make all Jalie patterns. But, when I thought about easy, fast, patterns that fit, they all turned out to be Jalie. I used the sweatshirt pattern to attempt to create a drapey, luxe sweatshirt. I'm not sure I love it. It's a sparkly knit and I created a facing for the bottom and back. 

I folded the facing to the right side and left the edge raw. 

The back is two pieces and overlaps in the back.

I don't think I love it with the Rova dress under it. It looks a bit sloppy. My rule is always that you need something form fitting either on top or bottom. This is a loose on the top and bottom.

Well, that's all I have done so far. I was going to make a tank with a blue fabric, but I might make a t-shirt with sleeves instead. I'm still pondering the last piece . . . 

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