Thursday, January 17, 2008

Butterick 4985 Sleeve

So I love this pattern and made it up in a muslin. But, yikes, the sleeves a little too froo-froo for me. A titch fluffy. I am working on de-fluff-ifying them. Kitty at I Want To Frock and Roll All Night made the shirt and changed the sleeves. I decided that I would try to modify them too. Here is the sleeve pattern piece.

I learned on this website to slash vertically and overlap the pieces. I am planning on doing the opposite of number two below. This is a diagram showing how to make a sleeve puffy. I don't mind keeping a little fluff in my sleeve but these were like the Mitchellen man was on my shoulders.

My mom is here for the weekend so I may not make any progress on it this weekend. :( I'll keep you posted (pun intended).


kitty said...

Do post when you have made the shirt. I love mine. Which version collar are you making?

Dawn said...

I like all of them so I'm not sure. On my test garment, I made the simple round collar and liked it. But, I like the tie that you did too. Too many options, not enough time.