Friday, January 11, 2008

My Plan for the Weekend

So, I got all those new knits from Gorgeous fabrics but haven't done anything with them. I am finishing up a snowsuit for my son. You can see a review that I did here. That snowsuit is a size 4 but I lined it so it ended up smaller. He is 3.5 YO but that snowsuit is too short for him. I am almost done with the size 6. All I have to do is add the cuffs, hem the legs, add elastic, make gloves loops, and attach then and I'm be done.
Next on the to-do list is to hash out the shirt for Butterick 5147. I made a drastic SBA but I think it was too much. I made my own facings and want to attach them before I make up my mind about the SBA I need to FBA.
After that, I am making a light jacket for my Grandpa-in-law. I have to find a lightweight zipper that is long enough and that is proving to be difficult.
Here is a dream list for this weekend:
  1. Finish all outstanding projects.
  2. Trace out the sheath dress for the Butterick pattern. Cut muslin.
  3. Finish making light jackets for my daughters. They are cut out but not sewn.

I am guessing I'll get to change a lot of dirty diapers and do a lot of laundry but a girl can dream.

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