Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some of my Christmas Gifts

So, I don't really start making Christmas gifts until after the holidays. I hate being stressed out so I wait. It is not really all just procrastination. I am not talking about ALL gifts. My kids and husband get gifts on-time. But others, like in-laws and my family, get gifts after Christmas. And, no, I'm not just being cheap and sending out Christmas sale items. I usually make my gifts. With all that, here are a few gifts I have made recently. The three below are gifts for my girlfriend Kate. She is a nurse in the AF. I got these ideas from Sew, Mama, Sew. This is the link for the The Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List. They have great stuff.

This is for one of my buddies at work. All of these are made of left-over stretch velveteen with some decorative topstitching. I love the purple/green/white button. It is one my husband gave to me a while back.

I also just received a bundle of fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. They are all knit and super fun. I need to work on getting SOLID colors and working iwth something not quite so bright and busy. I like bright and busy but you can only wear so much of it at one time. Yikes. Here are some that I bought.

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