Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ham (aka More Jalie Pullovers)

My son is a Super Ham. Here is another version of the Jalie 2911 Pullover. This one is size I or size 5. He'll be five this summer and it fits him perfectly. This is layered over a t-shirt but this summer he can wear it alone. I added a triangle tab, loop, and funky button to the collar. You don't have to but I like to keep their necks snug and warm.

"Jelly beans are good for me!"

"There's a raisin in my nose."

"I love fish lips."

"Mom is a lampshade!"

I also make two small versions in size G or 3T. These will be perfect for the twins. Love the embroidery? It's from Embroidery Library. I used a blue snap (put in with the trusty snap press) for the collar.

These are fabric pieces from Grandma Gina. She never got to meet the twins but they will know all about her crafty-ness.

The embroidery on this one is small so I figured I would put some cute flower buttons on it too. I am having a hard time figuring out where to put the buttons to make them seem random. In this arrangement, I actually sprinkled them on so they are random. My type-A personality can't make it seem random unless it actually is. I haven't gotten rid of all the stabilizer yet; that's why there is a ring around the flowers.

I used Solvy on top so the stitches wouldn't sink into the microfleece. Oh, right, fabric. This is lime microfleece. There might be enough to make one more thing but we used a whole 15-yard bolt of this stuff the last two winters. I'll have to buy another bolt next winter.

I'll update my PR review in the next day or so.


quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

This is really cute - like the little fellow!

And these embroideries are greatly fitting and lovely.


Linda said...

Cute son! Cute garments.

Lori said...

Your son is such a cutie and the pullover is wonderful. The embroidery designs on the two pullovers for the twins are fantastic.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those are so cute! I love the embroidery. Did you really use a whole bolt of fleece? brrrrrrr Alaska is too COLD!

Beth Conky said...

Wow, very productive. I use medical waste bags that disolve in water in lieu of solvy. Much cheaper and works great. Read it on some website a couple of years ago. I got them from Mountainside Medical- they are called water soluble bags. I've shared with my daughter and they work great and last forever. What can I say I'm cheap.

Ann Made Studio said...

Very cute tops. I love the embroideries.
(I always have a wish list going at the Embroidery Library :))

gwensews said...

Sweet pullovers! You're doing wonderfully with that embroidery machine. Like--you didn't have a learning curve at all!

Cole's Corner said...

They are super cute! Your son is a cutie pie!

melissa said...

Ha! I hear you on the random. My Type-A brain can't seem on handle it, either. :)