Friday, April 24, 2009

So What Kind of Jacket Do I Want?

You ladies have given me hope and put me in perspective.

So, what kind of jacket/blazer do I want? Good question. I know that none of the Vogue ones really lit my fire. But, maybe they could with the right details and in the right fabrics. I think that is what gets me about some of the Vogue jackets. They are so blaaaaah. I did a little Internet shopping and here are some that I really like. And like Anonymous said in my last post, look at the line drawings, not the color. She's right. I always forget that the right color and fabric will make the jacket.

This jacket is very similar to V8333.
K Karl Lagerfeld
Tailored linen blend blazer

Cropped wool jacket

Tailor Gabe blazer

This one really isn't the right style but I like the trenchy coat-y look.
Short trench jacket

I think this is my favorite. And the Vogue pattern I hated because of the pink color is actually a very close match. Now, I'm thinking that the V8481 pattern might be for me. The description says semi-fitted. I may make it more fitted. We'll see. What's funny is that when I check the sizing chart, I'm almost in the "larger" size range. I'm supposedly a size 12 for that jacket. That's the top size of the "smaller" sizes. Way to go, Big 4! This is why I sew BWOF.
Miu Miu
Navy stretch jacket

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress and what I decide and all that. Paulette decided on V8333. It's perfect for her. Oh, and I asked a week ago about buying a Shaeffer pattern for the directions but using a BWOF pattern. The instructor said the point of the class was to make a Shaeffer jacket to wear to the Claire Schaeffer class she'll have this summer. I don't want to be a pain in the ass though either. ETA: I totally agree with what Ann said too. I'm a teacher and it's nice when everyone can do their own thing. But, eventually, if it's all different you start to get annoyed. It's much easier if everyone is doing something you are familiar with. Thanks Ann! I'll be sticking with one of the CS patterns.
If I did get to choose a BWOF pattern it would be this one from January.


Gorgeous Things said...

The teacher's "point" of the class was a little odd, but I would guess she just tossed that off, and the point is really to teach you techniques. That said, as a teacher, I know that if she is building the class around those patterns, and someone comes in with a completely different pattern that doesn't match up to what she's teaching, it can be a nightmare. I dealt with that situation once and the student who was "the rebel" ended up disrupting the class. So I guess I'd suggest picking one of the CS patterns that you like (that Karl Lagerfeld clone is pretty good) and making it up with a spectacular fabric.

Unknown said...

You are brilliant! I never would've thought to look to RTW and match a pattern accordingly! And yes, focusing on the line drawings (not envelope pictures)is very important, and a great point!

meredithp said...

Hopefully, you won't have to remind the teacher more than once that the purpose is to learn couture techniques, etc. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it. I've been in classes where someone was an "outlyer" and it was a miserable experience for the rest of us too. I really like that first one for you, now that you showed the RTW next to it.

meredithp said...

ETA Sorry, I meant the navy stretch jacket at the end.

Jodie K. said...

As a teacher (Home Ec. middle school) I can see both sides. However, I think you're right to go with the CS pattern - especially since the one you've chosen is similar to the KL design.
Pick your fabric carefully - I had a wool twill that was a nightmare - too hard to shape with hand stitches for a similar couture tailoring class.
But as someone said before make sure you love it. I tell my own students this as well, 5/6 weeks is long time to work on something you aren't really excited about. By the time you are finished you might hate it, which would be a shame after all the work.
Good luck and keep us all posted.

Lori said...

Well, of all the RTW pictures you posted, the last one looks most like you. It is an incredible jacket. Have fun taking the class.

Rachel said...

I think it is great that you are going to be taught couture techniques. I am a very visual person and learn better if I am show something. I love the Miu Miu jacket and then the Karl Lagerfield.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am making Vogue 8481, the fabric is cool wool in blue floral print.

The couture tips in these patterns are the reason I buy them, especially Claire's

gwensews said...

There are project oriented people and technique oriented people. If you can be the technique oriented person during this class, you'll get a lot out of it.

beccaa said...

The Lagerfeld jacket is really nice, and the lines of the short pink jacket/Miu-Miu jacket are nice too. I think the shorter jacket would be very flattering on you.

kiltsnquilts said...

Just think how great it will be, after you have finished the class, to be able to make that BWOF jacket with confidence! I love that jacket - how could I have missed that??!! Must go and look at my January issue again :-))

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, you will NOT be a 12 in Vogue. With your small frame and slender figure, a 8 or 10 at most!
Hopefully the teacher will tell you to do a muslin.... you'll know by then.
I find that the CS jackets are too old-looking for your style.... but I am sure you'll find a way to imprint your personality on your chosen pattern.