Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogger, You Annoy Me.

This is mostly just a test blog entry to see how to format with their new and improved (read: crappy) editor. I do know a bit of HTML so I could format things that way but you would think they would have a good editor. For most of you guys, I would just skip this blog post. I am going to add random photos so see if it works better to add photos after you write. I used to add all my photos first and then add text but that didn't work out so well yesterday.

I need some text and I'm not sure how to fill it up. I don't want to actually put in sewing information because people will actually want to read about it. Instead I'll write about running. I did my third half marathon a month ago. I'm gearing up to do my fourth next month. What's super fun about the one in October? Well, it's a Zombie Half-Marathon. Yes, I said zombie. How much fun will be be to run around with green paint on my face?

Yesterday I ran seven miles in the scorching heat. Well, it wasn't hot but normal standards but this is Alaska. I think it was in the 60s so that is really hot for September in Alaska. Here's the official logo for the Zombie Half-Marathon. There is also a marathon, and the Undead Ultra 50k. I like that it says "Pizza and limbs at the Chalet when you finish." You've got to love funny runners. 

Okay, the damn linkie-links seem to work. I think the key is to do your text first and then add your photos which is completely different that the older Blogger editor.

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mimi o said...

I thought it was just me who was having issues with Blogger! Ughhh!!!

In your "My Sewing Plan for Fall" post beangirl had suggested you try Microsoft's Live Writer to work on your blog. Guess what??? I went and downloaded it and it works wonderfully. Check out my blog post

Ughhh to OMG Where Have You Been This Past Year

If you haven't tried it yet give it a shot. ;-)