Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks Ya'll!

Thanks Ladies! A few of you nominating me for this award. I know I've been absent for a while but I'm gearing up and getting better, my friends.

Okay, I have to list 10 things about myself that no one knows. I did this back in March 22, 2008 but I'll try to think of 10 more interesting things. Sigh . . . maybe I'll make some up for you guys. I'm not feeling too interesting right now. I'm going to use some of the original ones too. Yes folks, I'm that lame.

  1. I love Chicken Pot Pies. You know, the gross ones by Marie Callendar? Oh yeeeeeah.
  2. I have three kids. A 6YO and a set of identical girl twins that are 4 years old. No, they don't look identical and no it doesn't run in our family. (Side note: While fraternal twinning does usually run in families, there is no scientific data to support identical twinning being passed down in families. It is just a genetic fluke and happens randomly.)
  3. I was an aquatic entomological taxonomist before I became a 7th grade teacher. Teaching 7th graders is like sticking a hot needle in your eye some days. 
  4. I run for pleasure. I love the feeling of the wind in my hair and the "uh-huh, that's right" feeling of passing another runner. Are we racing? No, but every person out there running in front of me is my competitor. 
  5. I love running in the dark in the early mornings. Is it smart in Alaska with all the bears and moose? Helllllllllllllllllllllllll, no. It makes me feel alive though. I feel very alive when a bear pops across the road and heads my way. I feel so alive I almost pee my pants.
  6. I have a collection of Demestid Beetles in my classroom. There is also a decomposing lynx moose head in with them. "Science Stinks" is my current mantra at school.
  7. I didn't have a TV for years. I finally broke down and got one so my son could watch Sesame Street and other fun cartoons. (Hee, hee, bonus points to those who understand why my edit is funny!)
  8. I love bad 90s rap music. MC Hammer - Too Legit to Quit, Vengaboys - We like to Party, T-Shirt - You Sexy Thing, Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy. I know, it's bad isn't it? This stuff is my favorite type of music to dance to. Sometimes I look around on a deserted road and do a little booty dance while I'm running. 
  9. I once ate a cockroach for beer money. It was alive.
  10. In college I was the Supreme Winner of the Bat Spin Race in the Mud Olympics. I won a plaque. Woot.
If I can think of any items that are any more wow, I'll change them. 


Anne L said...

Hey, I love Right Said Fred also! I was at a festival concert with them some years ago and they entered stage clearly not expecting much. But the crowd went ballistic and was so happy and over the moon and everything. The band was blown away and they were beaming, just beaming, and gave one hell of a concert.

When I read that you had moved, I was very worried that you and your husband had split up. But when you write about him as "my husband", I guess all is well. :-)

Unknown said...

You ROCK. If you think 7th graders are painful, try sophomores. Juniors and Seniors are really fun, though.
What the hell is a Bat Spin Race?
As for the beer money... no judgement, just... yuck!

Sherril said...

As a Jr. high teacher, I can complete relate to the hot needle comment. However, I had to look up aquatic entomological taxonomist and I think that would so boring I'd want to do the same thing to my eye! My DH loves those pot pies too and we're vegetarians, at least we're supposed to be--OK I am, he's not apparently.

Taki J said...

My kids and hubby love those potpies too. Perfect for me because that means I am not cooking dinner that night.

Fun post. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading.

How can anyone not love "I'm To Sexy" !!

Kris C. said...

I totally understand the "Science Stinks" part - one of the instructors in our anatomy lab has a beetle colony, and since I, um, reaped the rewards of their hard work, I asked to see them. Yep, they stink!

Marsha said...

Saw those beetles featured on Dirty Jobs once...kind of neat how the circle of life works!

As for the bonus points, I see a lot of "I" references...I hate to assume anything....I learned a long time ago that when you ASSUME something, it's possible to make an ASS out of U and ME. So I'll skip the assumption and simply say that your presence has been missed in our online sewing community. When one door closes, another opens.

Marie said...

There are times that I is definitely better than we!!! I don't know if thats how you feel but I had a narrow escape 25 years ago and am still thankful for it!!

Anonymous said...

On the tv side, you should like a smart Mom. When we moved to Switzerland, we brought the television, but never hooked it up. Until our kids went away to university, all their weekend (only) watching was DVDS/cassettes of Sesame St and Kratt's Kreatures, musicals, then later classic movies and finally, box sets of West Wing, etc....but we saved their brains a decade and a half of random violence, reality tv and crappy commercials and all the junk they bring into your home. Viewing DVD's and cassettes only taught them how to negotiate and decide what to watch, and that when the show's over, you CAN turn the damn thing off. XX Inkstain