Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KwikSew 3790 Asymmetric Top Alterations

Here are the alterations for the KS top. I had to take out about a 1/2" from the CF. They show a CF marking at the top of the top at the neckline. Then I sort of faked it down the rest of the top. I made it a 1/2" overlap at the top and made the overlap smaller as I went down. I tend to be hippier than bustier so I don't want it to be too tight at the bum. I also did a petite tuck of about a 1/4" above the bust.

I did the same petite tuck on the back.

I did the exact same tuck on the sleeve heads. Now it's a very flat sleeve head.

Now we'll have to see if I can find the right knit to make it into a dress. I think it could be smashing in a print but it might be too much of a good thing.


robin said...

Thanks for the info on your alterations! I have recently discovered that I need the "petite tuck" on every pattern just in that spot - not on the traditional shorten/lengthen line as my "petiteness" is from shoulder to bust, not underarm to waist. It's made such a huge difference in how my garments fit!

Paulette said...

hurry up...sew it up, would ya?!

DDinDFW said...

I think it would make a great LBD! Hope we hear from you more often now that you have internet.

Sewingadicta said...

I'm glad you have internet finally! I can not wait to see the LBD, and you have a little present in my blog.