Saturday, April 21, 2012

CAbi Spring 2012 Part I

I have a friend that has one of those parties so I always go. It’s fun to try on clothing and fun to experiment with new silhouettes. I chose my favorites and thought I’d take a stab at knocking them off. I’m cheap, I’ll admit that and spending $70 on a simple elastic-waist skirt makes me cringe.

I took the CAbi pictures straight from their website.

#1 Bella Skirt $69
I really liked this skirt. Their version is a rayon challis border print. It has really large slash pockets across the hips that you can’t see in the picture. It’s really close to this Burda 05-2010-122 pattern below. The Burda one uses a woven and a side zipper where the CAbi one just uses an elastic waist treatment. Same pockets and everything. I would pair it with a rayon challis like the one below from You cost would be much cheaper than $69!!


#2 Dreamy Draper $98
Is this not Simplicity 2603?? The only difference is that this one has thumbholes and the Simplicity one doesn’t. Would this be great in a drapey fabric like these rayon slub knits? I’ve made a black one out of this same fabric and wear it all the time. I like all three of the colors below although the cream color isn’t a great one for my skin tone.
Rayon Slub Jersey Knit Teal Rayon Slub Jersey Knit RustRayon Slub Jersey Knit Taupe



#3 Epic Tunic $89

This Epic Tunic is very much like this Burda 03-2012-122. There are some major differences though. The CAbi tunic is a dolman sleeve and the Burda pattern is set-in. The Burda pattern is longer, obviously.


I found some gorgeous silk chiffons too! I super-ty, duper-ty love that last black swirl chiffon.
Chiffon Abstract Red/White/Navy Silk Chiffon Scratch Brick/Brown Silk Chiffon Abstract Swirls White/Black/Grey


I have a few more to show you but that’s a lot of searching and linking for one night! I do have a bit of sewing to show you as well. I made something from the May Burda. I think the Burdas from May are my favorites every year.

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MySummerTouch said...

I' with you on Burda May - love it too! Look at my blog what I have done with it - I created a whole capsule wardrobe - on pinterest, not in real life!
And I like CAbi's blog because I can ply on it with different clothes on a siloette.