Thursday, June 7, 2012

Burda 05-2012 #105 Tie-Front Blouse

I was smitten with this top from all the cute reviews over at It’s a basic blouse with back darts, slightly gathered sleeves, and mandarin (is that the right kind?) collar. The other versions of this top in the magazine have front darts. This version has no darts so it is left kind of full in the front. This is the first blouse I’ve made in a looooooong time. This fabric is from and wasn’t actually bought that long ago (go me!). I made the Burda size 34, which is my typical up top size. I had to grade the pattern down just a little bit as the smallest size is a 36.


There’s basically just two layers on the front bodice and you tie the outside top together. It’s perfect for this fabric since it’s a bit sheer.
b_0512_105_1 still has it in these colors for $2.99/yard. The top left one is mine. I ‘m also partial to the bottom left one.
Rayon Blend Burnout Shirting Dots Green/BlueRayon Blend Burnout Shirting Dots Pink/Blue
Rayon Blend Burnout Shirting Dots Blue/GreenRayon Blend Burnout Shirting Green/Pink

I also took a picture of the layer tied behind me. Here my chest is all lumpy looking so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I think it’s also a good way to tie this shirt although you wouldn’t know it from this picture. You can see my right hand side upper bodice piece has a strange wrinkle. It’s like I’m hiding bubble pop in my shirt or something.


Boy, is that giant wrinkle all due to the need for a swayback adjustment? This pattern is supposed to have a CB seam but I decided to cut it on the fold because it was straight. It would behoove me to use the CB seam and take a wedge out of the upper butt section. The shoulders look good here.


Side view, yawwwwn.


Twin rabbits. :)


theperfectnose said...

Nice. Australia is three months behind the rest of the world in Burda terms but I'll keep an eye out for this issue =D said...

Great top. It completely by-passed me when I read the magazine. I'll have to dig it out again!

lisa penrice said...

I really like that top it's a nice casual top and much better than a t-shirt.

Merche said...

Great blouse! I actually like it better than the burda versions, that´s the reason I overlooked this pattern completely, now I´ll have to have a look at it again!

Victoria said...

Love your version of the top. The color and style are very flattering on you. And you have 2 cutie pies there:)