Friday, June 22, 2012

Simplicity 3503–Gathered Dress

Is this not a cute pattern? I finally bought it after all you bad people out there made the dress. There are 92 reviews over at and I had to join the party. I want to say I love it but there are a couple of issues.

I made version B (short length, v-neck bodice, cut-on sleeves) in a size 8. My measurements are closer to the 10 but there is a lot of wearing ease in this one!


Here’s the front and I mostly like it. The fabric is a little washed out (I need to find a better spot with less direct sun) but it looks like stained glass. I bought it from back here. I love this batch of ITY I bought from them.


It’s hard to see in these crap-tastic photos but the bodice is a cross v-neck on the front and the back. Because I’m so awesome, I decided it would be a good idea to add elastic to the edge of the bodice pieces to keep my girl bumps inside the dress. Well, good idea gone bad. The elastic is too tight so it makes the bodice pull on the front and the back, not awesome. Man, these are bad photos. I may go search for a better spot on my lawn. Usually the problem is too little light in Alaska, now it’s too much. What new hell is this??? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Just kidding. Being dramatic is fun.


However, it was sort of a good idea. Look at my not-visible girl parts in this random camera-timer-oops-shot. See anything? No, you don’t.


Here’s one thing at worries me about the dress. It fits around my girl bumps but then I have armpit sag? It’s not really all that noticeable because of the crazy print but I see it very clearly. If the pictures were better, you could see them too. If you look at the above pattern picture, the shoulders are gathered. I’m wondering if I moved the gathers toward the CF, then the gathers would be more distributed along the bust and less in, well, my armpit.

I’ll go see if I can find a better spot for photos.


Mary Wilson said...

You're right about it being a popular pattern.  I'm sure it's in my pattern stash!  I would not have noticed the fitting issues had you not pointed them out.

lisa penrice said...

Your dress looks lovely from the photos, man you have legs to die for. 

Beckster51 said...

I love this dress, and it looks great on you!  Beautiful fabric, flattering design.  I think maybe the fit issue under the arms is just excess fabric in the front under the arms.  Maybe take a tuck in the underarm seam? I think your elastic idea was good, but has a problem in execution.  Maybe your elastic is sewn in too tightly.  That said, I would not have noticed these issues unless you brought them to my attention. This is a great dress, and a great dress on you.

Mary Beth said...

The dress shape is great on you and very practical to wear.  Is the elastic pulling and bothering you?  If not, I'd leave it alone, it works.  This design will give wrinkles around the armscye and to my eye are not a problem either.  You can play with taking a deeper armscye scoop in the front but then there might be a bra display issue and that's not great.  I didn't read any of the reviews on this pattern so this is the first time I've scrutinized it.  I say you really have a winner: a sweet easy dress for summer.

House Of Pinheiro said...

lovely dress !

Lakaribane said...

I've made this dress twice now and I get a ton of compliments. Love your fabric and your SHOES!!!

PoldaPop said...

Love this!  Now I need to figure out when Simplicity is next on sale at my local chain fabric store.  I just ordered a bunch of ITY in's sale so now I know what I'm going to do with at least one piece of it!  I love your fabric and now I wish I'd ordered that, too!  You might be able to fix the armpit sag by changing the shoulder slope angle (pinch the fabric at your shoulder to see if that works).  I have to do this alteration on a lot of patterns.  You might need to then redraw the armhole to make sure it's big enough.