Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jalie 3024 - Dress Hybrid

I’ve made this Jalie dress three times before (time 1, time 2, time 3). I’ve always made the boatneck top. This time I wanted the cross front but I wanted sleeves too. Anchorage has been chilly-willy this summer so I wanted some sort of sleeve.  I figured it wouldn’t be very hard to combine the cross front with the sleeves from the other version.


I think it turned out nicely. The only thing I would have done differently is to add an inch to the bottom of the bodice so the band stays under The Girls. If you read this blogpost, I said I added an inch to the bottom of the pattern piece. Well, I should read my own shit because I didn’t write myself a note anywhere to add an inch on it. Gahhhhhhhhh. I irritate myself sometimes. So this dress is a little snug in the bodice. (Why does my camera keep making my chest a sea of bright white?? It’s not like it’s bright here but my pictures keep turning out crappy. I’m sure there is some setting I’m missing.) I really like the length of the sleeves.


Nothing exciting here, just the back. This fabric is from the San Diego swap meet I talked about here. There is a bunch more of this fabric so you’ll see it again in the future.


Here’s how I did it. I traced the original pattern piece (without the stupid extra inch!) onto another piece of paper but I traced it as if I wasn’t going to put it on the fold.


Then I took my copy (without the stupid extra inch!) on top of the cross front pattern piece, matching the side seams and the CF. I found the same size (I think size S) and traced where the cross intersected my pattern.


Then I compared them just to make sure they would work. This is with the CFs lined up. To make the dress, I cut two of the cross pieces and used the original for the back piece.


Hope that’s helpful for anyone wanting to do the same modification. I’ll probably do this again in the next day or two and add the stupid one inch to the bodice. Gahhhhhhhhhhh. I might have to make it in a fun stripey since I currently have so much fun fabric. 


theperfectnose said...

You look nice with your hair down. Love the dress. The colour suits you and the style really emphasises your fit-tastic silhouette. And thanks for sharing the mod-I've bookmarked it for future use. Re glowing decolletage I'd suggest using base (compact/foundation whatever) but I'm sure it's a flash based thing-Carl was mentioning something about that a while ago but I didn't really digest it. So I'll check with him and get back to you on that.

LindaL said...

I like this and thanks for showing how you made this work.

Cindy Reid said...

Ok, so I've been reading your post for years and this what I decide to post?  Obviously I'm in a house reno more than sewing mood right now.  But maybe this will be a helpful inspiration for your ugly window.

Dress looks fabulous - like the rest of the things you make.


Beckster51 said...

Dumb question here.  Do you use a serger when you sew all knits, or do you sometimes use your regular machine?  I am having trouble with getting competent in sewing those clingy things.  Your clothes are beautiful.  I am so jealous.

Da99516 said...

Yes, I almost always use a serger for knits. I used a regular sewing machine for the binding and sleeve hems only. I used a coverstitch machine for the bottom hem. Hope that helps.

Chantal Gaudette said...

I really love this version of the dress, and it looks so good on you, the color, the print, and the crossfront with sleeve! Great idea to add sleeves! Thanks for posting this, I had lost my sewing mojo...but this is giving me an idea for a top I want to make.

Ellen65 said...

I like your modification. So often I am timid about combining different patterns as you have done here. Thanks for the inspiration.

angie a said...

haha, I hate when I do that (not write down an important adjustment).  Looks great!  I haven't sewn a Jalie in so long....  Can't find your email AGAIN.  FML. The little owl is from the Dollar General Store!!!  Can you believe that? He's so cute.  $3. 

Mary said...

Dawn - I love the new dress you got by combining the two views.  It flatters you well.

I noticed sponsors your blog.  Do they have a knit they carry regularly that is easy to work with and suitable for knits?  Thank you!!

Megan said...

Very flattering dress and you can't even tell about the 1 inch looking at it. It's probably only noticeable to you wearing it. Great job :)