Monday, June 11, 2012

Jalie 2682 - Sleeveless Knit Top

I made this shirt quite a bit back in 2007. I made it for my twins and myself several times. I had a one-yard chunk of fabric from San Diego and decided to whip out this tried and true pattern and make a different kind of version. My other ones where mostly fleece and had high cozy factor. This one is very different from those. I added about an inch to the under bust seam because, on my blue fleece version, I was always pulling it down under my boobs. The addition of the inch seemed to do the trick but then it sort of hung off the ladies like a shelf. To stop the “shelf look,” I added two tucks under the bust. IT would also be fun to do some gathering there or add a dart to the bodice piece? My mind is all over the place because I just read about the One Garment, Many Looks thread over at Think how this would look with gathered shoulders or a gathering tie on the bodice top above the bust but below the shoulders.

This is a size R (women’s size 4) with the length of a size T.


Here you can see the two tucks from the outside. I did this after it was completely sewn. I just tried it on, pinned the tucks and then sewed them down with a few stitches. I guess it’s the same as added a bust dart? Here’s the inside.


Here the inside of the same tuck. I’m not sure what I’m working on next. I think there is some teal rayon lycra knit that is calling to be made into a fun summer dress.


I don’t think I actually blogged about these so I’m including the pictures here and a teeny bit of information. The little ones are size F (size 2T) and the brown paisley, blue, and pink adult ones are for me. I may have to make some more of these for my kids. They loved them and wore them out.



theperfectnose said...

Very hawt! I like that sort of marled fabric and your mods have improved the fit. I received this pattern in a +1/*1 swap and used it to refashion a dress I made yonks back. Should post about that at some point.. XD

Kat Campbell said...

They are so cute in child size! Yours looks really nice too - the extra fitting from the tucks really makes this a bit special :-)

Look forward to seeing any other modifications you make!