Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Cute Skirt - Miniature Version

Remember these cute skirts? Well, I made one more because Little Mrs. Thing decided she needed one in this pink fabric. With sparkles. NOW. I don’t usually give in to a three-year-olds demands but it was going to be so cute I couldn’t resist. The body is made from a jersey and I didn’t hem the layers. The top “layer” is just black ribbing material. Turns out, it doesn’t have enough stretch so I ended up zigzagging another piece of elastic to the inside of the black ribbing.



I also had to add blingies. This is the same kind as the ones I used on my shirt just a couple of days ago. I forgot to tell you there are different varieties of blingies.


Lyndle said...

Very cute! Do we get to see it on or is that a bridge too far?

Kat Campbell said...

Cute! Good on you for 'caving in', the skirt must have made her happy :-)