Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nike Dri-Fit and Polartec - Whoa.

I may not share any of this with you people. I bought two bolts of Nike Dri-Fit knit fabric and one bolt of Polartec Powerstretch Hardface. It’s hard to photograph black fabric. I’ll give you guys more details in the next few days but I want to see how much I want to keep first.

Nike Dri-Fit Hexagons in Anthracite (a very dark gray).


A Nike Dri-Fit Brush-Back Knit in black. This is my favorite. It’s soft like the softest suede on the inside. It’s thicker weight and will be perfect for running pants. It’s not Lycra-shiny either.


This is Polartec Powerstretch Hardface. It’s fabric leftover from these Mountain Hardware jackets. It’s a dark gray with black lines printed on the top of it. The inside is a fleece. It’s lightweight and thin but still has water repellency.

This is a sampling of some of the colors I could have bought.


I almost bought a bolt of this color too.


This is the color I have.


I will figure out what I want to sell and what I want to keep. I might keep all but five yards or so of the brush-backed fleece. It’s yummy. I will make a post showing the fiber content, percent stretch, and all that other good stuff in a few days. I’ll also try to figure out rough estimates for shipping costs.

Anyone interested before I start running numbers?


Kat Campbell said...

Brilliant! I've just got back into sport (BoxFit) so I admire nice workout gear. No skills to sew any for myself, though :-)

Sofie Mitropoulos said...

I might be interested depending on the shipping to Australia. I have no idea where to get that stuff here. Thanks... wish you had bought that pinky red tho!

PoldaPop said...

Oh, yeah! I'm heading into another Midwestern winter and my winter running gear is a bit, well, shabby and gross. I could use some new layers and it's time I tackled running gear!

bconkwright said...

If you decided to sell some of the Nike Dri-Fit Brush-Back Knit in black. I would be interested. Where did you find it?

Andrea said...

Count me in! I am most interested in the Nike Dry-Fit brush back knit in black. Love the Hardface also. I love the raspberry color - can you share your source? I am constantly on the lookout for these fabrics, especially Nike Dri-Fit. Thanks!

Tina B said...

Absolutely, I'd love some, especially of the Nike fabric suitable for running pants. Technical fabric in general is hard to find!

Kelli Ball said...

I would absolutely be interested!

Paulette said...

I want pink!!

Molly said...

This type of fabric is difficult to find.. I would be interested in either the hardface and/or the Dry-Fit. Let us know what you decide.

Sarah AJ said...

Great find! I might be interested also.

Chantal said...

I started running a month ago, and was wondering if I could get this kind of sport fabric in stores so I could make myself a vest when it starts to get colder, but from other posts, I can see it is hard to find. Did you buy it online? You probably run outside in the winter too, what do you wear to run when it gets really cold?

Sandy said...

I'm interested in the fabrics also. BTW, loving the running top you made


I live in Europe- do you know of an online store where I could buy this type of fabric? I would appreciate any information on where to buy these types of running-gear fabric.

jz said...

Dawn, do you still have the Nike and Polartec fabrics ?
if so I'd like to talk about purchasing