Friday, September 21, 2012

In Progress - Master Bedroom

I just had to. Really, I did. Are these curtains not THE. BEST. Perhaps a little too garish for some but I like me some RAWR every once in a while. As you can see, the walls are painted now. I am still rearranging furniture but I had to show you the curtains. They aren’t even hemmed yet but I just had to show you. I love them. The rest of the bedroom is pretty low-key; very neutral, very sedate. I wanted to rev it up a little with some pattern. I think it will still look great with the purple duvet I made here.


Are the colors not fab? This is a cotton sateen so it’s a bit thicker and is nice for blocking light and sound.


The view from our love bed.


I’m hoping to sew a little for me this weekend. I want to make that bias-cut dress out of the newest Burda. Love that dress!


Victoria said...

Your master bedroom is looking GREAT!!! I especially love the animal print curtains!!!

marysews said...

The curtains are awesome!

raquel from Florida said...

wooohoo! And what did you do with the wood beam? I'm just curious. I love your curtains!