Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jalie 2796 - Running Skirts - CUTE!

I seem to be doing more and more kid sewing these days. The three kids in school are in soccer and running. The girls wanted a running skirt “just like mom’s” so I made them each a super-cute (if I do say so myself) running skirt. I will make myself a few of these for next summer too. Right now, we are in hard-core fall temperatures and I won’t be wearing anything like this for months. The Jalie ones are supposed to have either a compression short or hot pant under them. I made these with just the skirt because I knew the girls would have to wear them with warmer pants. They have running pants so this skirt will just go over that. Jalie also has you put elastic at the top of the pocket. I’d like to say I left it off because of a sound reason, but really, I just forgot.



I made the kid’s size 6 and it fits the girls very well. It surprised me that the waistband was so snug on them though. They are skinny for their age and this probably won’t fit by the end of winter. I’ll definitely check the waist measurement before I make one for myself. One thing I love about this pattern is they don’t use elastic in the waistband. They rely on negative ease to make everything fit. I also love the side overlaps that form the pockets.


Practicing stretching on the lawn. Love her Running Rubber Boots?


Running Pose.


I used SewkeysE Double-Sided Fusible Stay Tape to fuse the edges together before attempting to hem them. The side panel are made out of a polyester ITY and wanted to roll all over the place.


Sophie said...

I'm glad to hear a positive review! I bought this pattern over the summer, but haven't made it yet. Where did you get the fabric? I've been having a hard time finding such stretchy fabric.

beckster51 said...

Cute, cute, cute! And so are the running skirts!

Lyndle said...

Cute skirts, great photos, cool boots! These two are going to be heart breakers in 10 years. . .