Friday, October 19, 2012

Jalie 2805 + Ruffles

I told you JoAnn’s had cute fabric the other day. I made Jalie 2805 size H (4T) shirt and added ruffles to it. I used my scraps from, what else, Nike Dri-Fit fabric for the top. The pink ruffles are rayon/spandex knit and the middle layer is the fabric from JoAnn’s. I ruffled the three layers of fabric separately and then basted them together. Next time, I will ruffle them all together at once and then attach them.



Here’s a very simple illustration of what I did. I used three layers of fabric of different lengths and attached them. Easy, simple, fun!


I left the two rayon knit layers unhemmed. I added a pink edge to the sequined fabric. I’ve never worked with sequins like this before but the little suckers liked to come off the edge of the fabric. To stop the sequins from coming off, I added this binding.


I stitched the two fabrics together RST. The picture should show the stitching being further from the edge, like 1/4” or so.


Then I flipped the pink fabric over and stitched in the ditch from the right side. Later, I trimmed off the extra pink stuff on the back of the sequined fabric.


Here’s the back of the sequined knit.

I really wish I had gotten an action shot before our littlest one went back to her other mom.  Oh well, you’ll just have to use your imagination. It’s cute. She wore matching hot pink leggings.


Have you guys noticed I’ve been on a Jalie kick lately? I’ve been loving my Burdas but haven’t been into tracing them lately. I also have some CAbi stuff I want to knock-off.


Kat Campbell said...

Hahaha at first I thought that dress was for you, until I scrolled down to the sequins!

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on getting married. That was a wonderful story!

angie a said...

hehe, did you plan the matching pink tutorial paper?? :P Very cute. My Lu was All. About. The. Bling. when she was that age. I'm sure it was a hit!